Would You Rather? A Very Christmassy Special..

December 15, 2017

Would you rather? In my mind, this game always brings thoughts of drinking around a table, with friends, and asking each other embarrassing questions – and specifically aiming questions, knowing that they’ll have to drink, at your best friend! I rarely drink anymore now though, and it’s even rarer that I get to play games that are associated with drinking – tie that in with the fact that I love Christmas, and I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to play a ‘Very Christmassy Special of Would You Rather?’

Would you rather eat brussel sprouts or cauliflower cheese?

Oh god, I actually don’t like either? I guess, if I had to choose one then it would have to be cauliflower cheese, simply because I love cheese and I hope that it would kind of mask the taste of the cauliflower..

Have twinkling lights or still lights?

I, personally, love a good still light, and have lots dotted around my bedroom throughout the year!

Eat Gingerbread or Ferrero Rocher?

I could probably eat more Ferrero Rocher’s, but I really do love gingerbread..

Open your presents with only immediate family or with all of your family members?

I haven’t lived with all my family for years – I normally open presents first thing in the morning, and then we have ’round two’ with my brother and sister, and rest of my family when we eventually get to each other!

Cook dinner for the whole family or don’t eat dinner at all?

I doubt I will ever cook a dinner without at least a little input from my sister or mother, but I would rather attempt it myself than not have one at all?!

Have a real tree or a fake tree?

I’ve actually never had a real tree before, but I would absolutely love one, one day! I am determined to have a real tree, when I eventually move out..

Use blue, yellow, white or multi-coloured lights?

I would definitely go for white lights – they’re the easiest to style, and you can leave them up all year round!

Christmas Cake or Mince Pies?

Again, I actually don’t like either! I guess I would attempt the cake, but I doubt I would eat it all..

Wake up at 6am or 10am?

I’m still a little kid at heart – I am always up at the crack of dawn! I wish I could sleep in on the day, but I love to be up and unwrapping presents and getting ready..

Drink Champagne or Hot Chocolate?

I bloody hate the taste of champagne, I would definitely go for the hot chocolate, provided it’s topped with cream and marshmallows and all that good stuff!

Eat Heroes or Roses?

I’m definitely not a traditional gal, so it would have to be Heroes!

Get a puppy or a kitten?

If I unboxed a French Bulldog puppy on Christmas Day, I genuinely don’t think I would stop crying the entire day..

Watch Elf or Home Alone?

I’ve actually never seen Home Alone?! I love Elf – I would actually say that it’s my favourite festive movie! I’ve already watched it around eight times this year, which is shameful..

Christmas songs all year round or never hear one ever again?

This is so difficult?! I love listening to festive music, and my playlist has been on for about a month now, but I guess I would have to say ‘never again’ because I love other music more! I’ve listened to a ridiculous 32,000 hours of music this year, according to Spotify?!

Would you rather wake up bright and early and get all of the best sale goodies, or stay warm and cosy in bed wearing your new pyjamas?

I’ve always worked on Boxing Day in previous years, because retail.. I genuinely can’t wait to have a lie in this year, so it would definitely have to be, staying in bed wearing new pyjamas! I’m going to tag a couple other

I am going to tag Alice, Gemma and Julia – I’m super nosey and love reading posts like this, I can’t wait to read your answers! If anyone else fancies doing it, I would love to read it so feel free to tag me in the post or send me a link when you post it..