It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year – Winter To-Do List..

December 1, 2017

winter bucket list blogmas and then zen

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and the countdown has begun – my favourite time of the year is nearly here! It’s totally acceptable to binge watch Arthur Christmas and The Grinch now, right?! While lots of my friends and family completely disagree with me and hate the entire month as a result, I really do love the entire season and everything about it..

And so, ‘Welcome to Blogmas!’ I cannot tell you how far in advance these posts have been planned, but my festive header is in place, my spreadsheet of posts has been created and pinned to my wall, and I am struggling to contain my excitement. I originally planned to post every day, but have since decided that I would rather post content that I love more regularly, than force myself to post content that I am not happy with every day! As a little run down, this month is going to be filled with my favourite things about the season including movies and music, ideas for the festive season, as well as my own wish list for the day itself..

I have decided to begin this month with my ‘Winter To-Do List’! Up first is ‘Visit Winter Wonderland‘..

I briefly visited Winter Wonderland last year, and I am determined to revisit this year – it’s just the epitome of the festive season, and I love the sense of happiness that surrounds the entire event. I’ve seen hundreds of images already this year of Winter Wonderland on Instagram, and I am constantly showing my boyfriend pictures in the hope that he’ll take the hint! There are so many cute, little market stalls, selling all sorts of festive goodies and winter warmers, as well as fair rides and food stalls, and bars, and all that is great – if you haven’t had a little look through the hashtag on any form of social media, I would definitely recommend it! We haven’t even set a date to go yet, but I already cannot contain my excitement..

I really, really, really want to try and ‘Bake Gingerbread Men’! I am ridiculously bad at baking, and I often struggle to successfully bake ‘in the box’ cakes or cookies – if anyone has any tips, they would be gratefully welcomed – but I am determined to at least have a go, with some shop bought ones as a back up! Regardless of my awful baking skills, I love decorating and I’ll just smother the biscuits with icing if they turn out ridiculously bad..

Christmas without a ‘Festive Movie Night’ is just, not possible?! A night full of oversized hot chocolates, and gigantic tubs of sweets, and popcorn, and all the comfort food in the entire world – oh, and Elf! Admittedly, I have been watching Christmas movies since late September, but I can almost guarantee that I will watch Love Actually a good twelve times before the ‘big day’ itself..

My most difficult task this month will be convincing my family to ‘Put Up The Christmas Tree’! I genuinely live in a family of Scrooges, and I have been battling to be allowed to even have a tree for months, which has broke my heart a little as I’ve seen more and more pictures of people’s trees go up since November.. I will not give in though, and we will put a tree up, and I will succeed!

As much as we don’t have ‘much’ planned this month, I love all that is festive and I’m super excited! I just pray that this month doesn’t fly by quite as quickly as the last..

What’re your plans for this month, and are you visiting anywhere special?