Nominated For The Versatile Blogger Award..

September 19, 2017

versatile blogger award

I’ve been overwhelmed by how many ‘things’ I’ve been nominated for recently, but I didn’t want to over-run my blog with too many similar posts.. Thankyou so much to anyone that has nominated me for anything, I really love reading your posts and I will try to work my way through my nominations – I may just spread the posts out slightly, rather than doing them all at once!

Anyway, I was nominated by BeffShuff, a nineteen year old lifestyle blogger, for The Versatile Blogger Award! You can also click here to read my previous, Liebster Award..

The aim of the award is to tell your readers seven interesting facts that they hopefully won’t already know about you, and then, nominate seven other bloggers to do the same!

I actually started blogging about five years ago!

I began writing about music about five years ago, after a very supportive and encouraging friend allowed me to watch gigs and interview the bands at his music venue –  I fell in love with blogging, and I will be forever thankful for the support he gave me!

I used to love reading, and would often read two or three books a day!

My personal best was six or seven books in one day – my mum would actually tell me to stop reading to do other things! I always had my head in a book and would read in the bath, eating dinner, and would stay up super late, just to finish it..

I taught myself to swim!

Mum, who is nearly sixty years old, never learnt how to swim – I taught myself across our holidays as a child, and she would simply let my arm bands down a little each time before I eventually didn’t need them anymore! I have no idea what she would have done if I would have started to drown though..

I almost drowned!

I guess this leads on nicely from the last point – I decided to climb into a baby’s rubber ring (meant for a small baby, one of the ones with the leg holes) and it flipped! The buoyancy of the ring held me under the water, but fortunately, my brother and brother in law were there to save the day, while my mum just stood screaming by the side of the pool..

I became an aunt for the first time at four months old!

I was born in September 1997, while my eldest niece was born in January 1998! Normally, the first question on everyone’s lips is – how old is your sister?! There’s eighteen years between me and her, and she was nineteen when she had my niece..

I’ve only ever been to Greece on holiday!

I was fortunate enough to go on holiday quite a few times as a child, but we only ever went to the Greek Islands! I’ve literally never been anywhere else on holiday, although I have been to Ireland as that’s where my Nan lives.. There are so many places I want to visit though!

I lived in Brighton for six months when I was six years old! 

My mum decided one day that she wanted us to move to Brighton! We’d been down a number of times for little holidays, and decided we wanted to move down – however, it didn’t go quite to plan! I hated the school I attended and really struggled to make friends, which really isn’t like me and we moved back around six months after.. I still love Brighton!

Oh my gosh, I have never found a post so difficult to write before! I’m going to nominate Katy, Lauren, Darcy, Beki, Alice and Alice.. Good luck girls with your own Versatile Blogger Awards, I hope you find it easier than I did!