The “They’ve Got Everything” Gift Guide – Where To Shop & What To Buy..

December 11, 2018
Accompanying image for the "They've Got Everything" Gift Guide of a wrapped present with a 'Absolutely no peeking' gift tag and an iPhone on an independent shop's website

We all have those people in our lives – I without a doubt have an unfair amount in mine – that make you dread shopping. Christmas present buying is one of my favourite things to do, a shock to most people, yet I’m stumped when it comes to the same people, year in year out, who don’t need anything and refuse to give me any hint of what they actually might want. Mooching around the shops in the hope of finding some form of inspiration gets you nowhere –  and that’s when you have to get a little creative and hunt down the perfect gift.

In the hope of saving you some time, I’ve created a gift guide for the people in your life that already have everything..

ASOS Living & Gift

I am a self-confessed ASOS addict, and I spend an unhealthy amount of time scrolling through their site – on the bus, on my lunch break, on the toilet – I’m never more than five minutes away from ASOS. And their Living & Gift section isn’t spoken about often enough, offering all sorts of quirky homeware pieces and presents, all of which you can cheekily redeem student discount against.

If you didn’t already know, you can pick up everything from books to games to vinyl on here – and I’m obsessed. Let’s just say – I’ve put in a fair few orders so far this season, and I plan to place a few more – with some bits for myself thrown in there as well – before the big day itself finally comes around! Santa Banter is without a doubt on my wishlist, and I’ve been dying to get my hands on Feminists Don’t Wear Pink – And Other Lies since it was released..

TK Maxx

Anyone that knows me, will know that I am high key obsessed with TK Maxx and take a trip to my local store at least once a week, without fail. If I one day have to declare bankruptcy, it’ll be because of this store, and I find so many gorgeous and unique presents there every year – alongside way too many things for myself as well.

Online shopping has become so much easier with them this year as well, which is a bonus for anyone that hates having a good rummage through in person, but it’s important to remember that they stock such different things in store – I’ve spotted Charlotte Tilbury, IT Cosmetics and ABH for the beauty lovers in your life in my local this week, none of which they have online – so if you can grin and bear their jumble-sale like shelves, I’m sure you’ll find a steal. Just how gorgeous is the marble-effect Crosley Record Player? 

Etsy & Independent Stores 

I can’t say this loud enough, and would scream it from the rooftops if I could – where possible this year, shop independent! Not only are you supporting someone that will, without a doubt appreciate your money more than almost any store on the high street, but your gift will be super unique and show just how much thought you’ve put into it. And you can find some incredible and useful pieces, for such friendly prices? It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

I would personally order one of absolutely everything from Punky Pins if I could – their festive collection is hilarious, and their ‘Hoe Hoe Hoe’ pin is without a doubt on my wishlist – and Ellis over at Pastel Elixir has the cutest creations on the entire planet. I couldn’t be more obsessed with their Peachy Mug if I tried, this is a sign if any of my family wants to take a hint as to what I might want..

Shopping at this time of the year doesn’t need to be stressful – nor does it need to be expensive or time-consuming if it’s well thought out – seeing their face when they unwrap something unique is priceless, and for me, is what makes this time of year so magical. Now, that’s quite enough of me sounding like a Christmas Hallmark Movie for one day..

Who’s the “They’ve Got Everything” person in your life? Who’s created your favourite gift guide this season?