The 5 Beauty Products I Could Never Live Without..

January 14, 2018

natural collection brow gel products i couldn't live without

We all have those beauty products we swear by, the products that we rave on about to our friends, our ‘holy grails’ that we just couldn’t live without. There are products that I’ve used for years and years, as well as products that I’ve only more recently discovered, but I swear by them all – I couldn’t live my day to day life without any of them! I hope, and plead, and pray to the beauty gurus above, that these items are never discontinued..

GHD’s are one of the few high-end items that I could never see myself without. I’ve straightened my hair for as long as I can remember, as without, it just ends up a frizzy, fuzzy mess, but other brands that I’ve used have absolutely destroyed my hair, leaving it dead. GHD’s were my birthday treat on my 13th, and I will honestly never use any other brand of straighteners again! I use them almost every, single day but they always leave my hair looking soft and shiny, and my hair remains straight. Unlike most other stylers that go up to around 210 degrees, GHD’s only reach 180 degrees, which is high enough to ensure that your hair is styled, without leaving it damaged.

Unlike other brands that seem to lose their heat after a while, these are quick to heat up and after years of use, they seem to get just as warm now as they did when they were first used. I currently have the Gold Max Styler, as the thicker paddles make my life so much easier, but I’ve also had the Gold Classic Styler in the past, which I loved. I also want to take this time to commend them on their excellent customer service, as any issues we’ve had in the last seven years have been solved so quickly and efficiently, and I just love them so much and would recommend them and their brand!

ghd's products i couldn't live without

I actually remember hunting down this product when it was first released, searching through all my local stores, only to eventually find it in a store away on holiday, but the hunt was definitely worth it – The Natural Collection Tinted Brow Gel! Natural Collection released the Brow Kit and Brow Gel at the same time, and I was super excited to test both because I love a bargain product. I was a little uncertain about the Brow Kit in the end, because I didn’t find either the powder or the wax very pigmented or easy to work with, but I quickly fell in love with the Brow Gel. I have since repurchased this over, and over, and over again, and constantly have half empties and brand new tubes in my vanity, because I genuinely would cry if I was ever without it! I might even go as far as to call it an obsession, but for £2.49, it’s an obsession that I am totally fine with..

I received the RCMA No-Colour Powder first last year, and I literally haven’t gone a day without it. I read a million and one reviews when it finally became available in this country, before asking for it as a present, and I was not disappointed. Anyone that has read my blog knows that I have really oily skin, I genuinely couldn’t wear foundation without setting it otherwise I would just turn into an oily mess, but I’ve found that some setting powders can be really drying and leave me cakey, which I also don’t want! This is just the perfect product, and I couldn’t ask for anything more from it – I swear by it being ‘the best’ setting powder, and a single pot lasted me an entire year, which is insane for something that I use every day, without question?! £13 for an entire year’s worth of product is, without a doubt, good value for money, and I couldn’t be without it in my makeup collection!

The one product that never leaves my admittedly, very sparse skincare routine is the Garnier Micellar Water. I’ve heard that this is a love-hate product, but I haven’t been without it ever since I first picked it up about three years ago, and repurchase it every couple of months or so, without even consciously thinking about it. I currently have about three bottles in my makeup vanity, a travel-size bottle in my over-night bag, and a bottle at my boyfriends – I couldn’t go a night without it! I’ve tried micellar water from other brands, but have found that they dry my skin or bring me out in a rash or we just haven’t got along in the same way that I have with Garnier’s Micellar Water! I am actively trying to improve my skincare routine, so if anyone has any recommendations for a person with sensitive, oily skin, then I would love to hear or read your suggestions or reviews..

seventeen stay time foundation products i couldn't live without

My final product, I’ve had to come back and rewrite what I originally wrote – I wrote that I couldn’t live without the Seventeen Stay-Time Foundation, and then Boots announced that they were no longer going to be selling Seventeen as a brand! I am heartbroken, absolutely devastated to say the least. The Seventeen Stay-Time Foundation was possibly the first foundation that I ever bought. I’ve written about it time and time again on my blog, and I would urge anyone within the admittedly very small shade range to rush out and buy every bottle that you can possibly find. It’s matte, long-lasting, light enough for my ridiculously pale skin, and has a super high SPF. I’ve owned a million and one bottles over the years, and I would buy every single bottle that I could get my hands on before they officially run out of stock, if money was no object. Boots, just why?!

I actually got a little upset writing this post, thinking about my life without these products, which is so shameful in itself that I could cry even more about the harsh reality that I am a sad, beauty-obsessed old lady. If anyone has any spare money that they would like to kindly donate to the ‘I Need The Seventeen Stay-Time Foundation In My Life Forever’ fund so that I can purchase enough stock to last me for the rest of my life, I would very much appreciate it!

What are the beauty products that you couldn’t live without? 

PS. I am only joking about the ‘foundation fund’, I just need to desperately find a replacement before my current stash runs out, or else I’ll just curl up in a ball and never leave the house with foundation on ever again!