How To Survive A Holiday Together..

September 24, 2017

our first holiday together

The first beach holiday with your partner – spending all day, every day with someone who means so much to you, in a hot and sticky country – is a pretty daunting thought and, apparently, this is made ten times worse when going on holiday to a country with an appalling sewage system that doesn’t allow you to flush toilet paper down the toilet.. And yes, I’m looking at you James!

We recently spent an absolutely fabulous week away – it was a gorgeous, sunny week filled with trips, amazing food and drink, and some well deserved rest for the both of us – whilst also celebrating my twentieth birthday out there, which was lovely, having celebrated my sixteenth birthday in the same resort! It was lovely to revisit, and see so many familiar faces, one of the many things I love about Greece..

 I’m not going to pretend that it was all sunshine and happiness the entire time – we did bicker about pointless things, such as not having the wifi password, like the bloody millennials that we are – but having travelled before with a previous partner, the nerves kicked in before we even left! I’m fully aware that my previous experiences shouldn’t have even crossed my mind, but they did and he knew that, as he attempted to calm my ever-anxious mind! To my future self, stop panicking and remember what’s written below..

It’s a bit of give and take, from both sides..

There’s two of you in this relationship, and two of you on this holiday – remember that! I rarely ever drink, even on holiday, to the surprise of many of my friends! James enjoys a few beers in the evening, so we compromised, and had ice cream some evenings (my choice) and went for drinks on others, which made for a nice mix in the end! Try new stuff, be adaptable and listen to each other’s thoughts..

There will be times when you’re both tired..

Travelling is tiring, and no one is going to deny that – there’s something about sitting around all day, waiting, that really takes it out of you! Tied in with the sheer excitement of going away, travelling really can drain you, which can make you mardy and snappy towards each other.. It’s important to remember this – a grumble or a groan in the airport after seven hours without food, may not be your actual partner talking!

The hardest thing will be coming home..

We eventually had to say goodbye to the sun, the sea, and the hot weather (as we apparently came home to winter)! And for us, the hardest part of all was saying goodbye to each other after more than a week together – we don’t live with each other, and as a result, obviously had to part ways after we got back to the UK! We both had the post-holiday blues, which was made even worse by us having to head back to work and not see each other as regularly again – a struggle for the both of us!

I can more than happily say I had a fabulous time away – we ate too much, drank too much and made some amazing memories together!

Have you been abroad with your partner? Did you have any concerns before going away, and how did you soothe them?