What To Watch – Six Must-See​ Crime Series’ This Autumn..

November 1, 2019

As the nights get darker and colder, what better way to spend an evening than wrapped up in front of the telly with a good crime series – or in my case, six? I feel like I’ve seen so many crime and detective programmes recently that I now consider myself a connoisseur on the subject, and if I dare watch any more, I may have to quit my day job, ditch the rest of my maternity leave, and force you all to start calling me Hercule Poirot.

The Capture

What’s it all about? An ex-soldier is cleared of a crime he claims he didn’t commit, only to be forced on the run for yet another crime he claims he didn’t commit – we finished every episode screaming at the telly for more, it was just so gripping. A cracker of a crime series that keeps you guessing, but know that once you start, you won’t be able to stop until the end.

Where to watch? Six hour-long episodes on BBC iPlayer.

I Love You, Now Die

What’s it all about? A two-part crime documentary that follows the case of The Commonwealth v Michelle Carter, known for allegedly forcing her boyfriend, Conrad Roy, to take his own life. The case is pretty prolific and well known, but the two episodes are filled with surprises that leave you questioning everything – from how the media can be allowed to just create a discourse around criminal proceedings, to any thoughts about the case you may have originally had.

Where to watch? Two one-hour episodes on Now TV.

Tell Me Who I Am

What’s it all about? Okay, the odd one out here because it’s an extended one-off rather than a series – but absolutely mind-blowing nonetheless, so much so that I had to include it. The subject matter is really sensitive – so if that isn’t your jam, then maybe give this one a miss – but it tells the story of twin brothers, one of which lost their memory in an accident when he was just eighteen years old. The only thing – or person, in fact – that he could remember was his twin brother, the only person he could trust to teach him everything he needs to know about himself, but is that trust misplaced when his brother withholds a life-changing secret from him?

Where to watch? Just over an hour-long one-off on Netflix.

Who Killed Garrett Phillips?

What’s it all about? Yet another absolutely incredible two-part crime documentary from Sky Crime. Who Killed Garrett Phillips? follows the corrupt, racism-fuelled investigation into the unsolved murder of a twelve-year-old boy in a small town in New York. The police conduct what can only be described as a witch hunt against a local resident and ex-boyfriend of the boy’s mother, with zero physical or conclusive evidence to involve him in the crime itself in any way.

Where to watch? Two one-hour episodes on Now TV.


What’s it all about? When a teenage girl is raped in her home, she finds that she is consistently gaslighted and that her story is questioned by almost everyone she should be able to trust, from the police to her foster parents, as she struggles to face what has happened to her alone – that is, until, two female detectives begin looking into what happened. Another deep hitting crime series, based on a true story, that can be difficult to watch – but important, incredible and enthralling.

Where to watch? Eight forty-five minute long episodes on Netflix.

Dublin Murders

What’s it all about? On the recommendation of my mum, I binge-watched the first six episodes this week, and I’m so glad I did. Writing what it’s about is difficult because there’s so, so much going on – a cold case involving missing children, a recent murder of another young girl, so many twists and turns, and a hell of a lot of secrets, hidden by everyone involved – all of which makes for an incredible series that’ll force you to put your phone down and concentrate on what’s happening. I’m stupidly excited to see how the last two episodes pan out, and hope that the ending doesn’t disappoint..

Where to watch? Currently six episodes on BBC iPlayer, with the penultimate and final episode airing on the 4th and 5th of November..

It’s been an incredible couple of months for gripping new series’ – I get almost as excited for the excellent telly that comes out around this time of year as I do for the festive period itself. Just know that from now until the New Year, I’ll either be catching up on the drama or getting in the festive spirit, watching Elf and Love Actually..

Are you a fan of a good crime series? What’s been the best programme or series that you’ve watched recently?