Shop Small – Five Of Our Favourite Mama & Family Run Retailers..

April 13, 2020
A stack of clothes, some of which are from our favourite family run retailers as we make a conscious effort to shop small.

We’re all aware of just how crazy and unpredictable absolutely everything is at the moment, and I can’t imagine how scary that must be when you have your own business in the midst of it all, as well as a family to look after. And whilst I only have a finite amount of money to spend – apparently, anyway – I wanted to spread a little love in another way, showing you all who our favourite mama and family run retailers are because in these trying times, if you’re going to shop at all, at least try and shop small..

Another Fox..

Another Fox have to be one of the most gorgeous clothing brands that I’ve discovered. Their homepage states that their vision is to create stylish baby clothing that even adults would want to wear, and, without a doubt, they’ve succeeded. Asher already has the ‘Cheetah Baby Bodysuit’ sat in her wardrobe, and it’s the most gorgeous quality imaginable. Now we just have to wait for warmer weather to arrive so that she can get to wear it – is it stupid to say that I’m actually excited to see her in it?

La Romi..

I was genuinely so happy when I discovered La Romi. Having previously shopped from one of the biggest online retailers for baby’s dummies – where they were actually nearly double the price – it felt so good to make the switch and shop small, supporting a family ran business instead. Not only do they stock dummies, but they also do the most gorgeous headbands and other baby accessories. They recently started stocking their own swaddles and teething comforters as well, which I definitely need to get my hands on, if I can persuade Kai that it’s an essential..

Wild Ones..

Another clothing brand because let’s be honest, baby already has and always will have a better wardrobe than me to be honest. The entire brand is full of creative slogans and bold, bright colours that kids and adults alike will love – I cannot wait to order something from here from Asher! I also think that all of their tees and sweatshirts would make incredible presents as well, if you’re on the look out for something a little more quirky and want to brighten up someones lockdown..

Bairn Designs..

On to something a little different now, but a family run business nonetheless – and I’m also hoping that if I write it into existence that decorating baby’s room with these is something that I want to do whilst we’re social distancing, I’ll have something to hold myself accountable against. I have been obsessed with these reusable wall decals since I discovered their Instagram account maybe two years ago, and I love the whole look and idea of them. To me, they seem like the perfect solution for making any room a little more exciting because not only do they not involve any commitment, but they also involve no painting whatsoever – making them a cheap and easy way of decorating that you don’t have to live with forever and don’t involve you getting messy at all either. Now, to stop procrastinating and actually get on with it..


Up last, but certainly not least, one of the few brands and baby products that has definitely changed our lives for the better – especially because we have a baby that would much rather squish food between her fingers than actually eat it herself – The Bibabo. When I was pregnant, everyone was always telling me that I’ll need about twelve billion bibs because I’ll get through them at lightening speed, “every baby does” apparently, and whilst that might be true for some, that definitely hasn’t been true for us. Sure, we get through our fair share of dribble bibs, but for feeding, we have just two Bibabos! We’ve never had to change an outfit post-food, they wash really well and wipe down easily too, I genuinely couldn’t recommend them enough. One of the best family ran businesses and products that we’ve encountered since having Asher..

There are so many more independent and small retailers out there now-a-days – more than maybe ever before – making it the easiest it’s ever been to shop small, and in these unpredictable times, choosing where you spend, and going directly to the retailer rather than through their wholesalers, could be the difference between a family run business struggling or thriving. Be mindful and where you can, shop small!

Do you make a conscious effort to try and shop small? Who are your favourite small and family ran retailers?