The Importance Of A Self Care Routine..

October 1, 2017

my self care routine

I admit, I’m rubbish at looking after myself and self care has never been number one on my to-do list.. I’m always the last person on my own mind and constantly prioritise everyone else above myself, whether that be physically, emotionally or otherwise – their happiness and wellbeing comes first!

It shouldn’t be that way though, and I am fully aware that I need to start thinking about myself.. I definitely deserve to be at least a little bit selfish, to think about what’s best for me, and to take time for myself – whether that be a few minutes each day, or entire days to myself! Almost fully inspired by Amie’s Girl Gang chat a few weeks back, I’ve decided to create myself a little ‘self care list’ in the hope that it’ll encourage me to stick to it..

∙ Eat something healthy at least once a day..

I will be the first to admit that my diet is absolutely appalling – I am such a comfort and boredom eater, constantly reaching for snacks or a takeaway menu, and it’s not good for my health or mind! I am fully aware that ‘once a day’ isn’t the best thing to aim for, but it’s something that seems achievable for me and is buildable, and a step in the right direction for my diet!

Spend a least half an hour a day doing some form of exercise..

I used to exercise so much at school, and I absolutely loved playing hockey and netball! After leaving school, and beginning to work two jobs (worthwhile, but tiring, which you can read about here) exercise was no longer a priority, and I rarely found enough time to sleep, let alone go for a walk  for fun or play sport..

However, I recently quit my job, and while I would love to rejoin the gym, funds are tight – instead, I plan on walking each evening, and hopefully increasing this to a run (a more scary thought than quitting my job)!


As mentioned in a previous post, I used to adore reading, and I really don’t make enough time for it anymore! I want to start reading more, whether that be tackling my ever-growing reading list, or simply sitting down with a magazine – just a bit more me-time! The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas is first on my list..

More time for the things I love..

As I mentioned earlier, I’m soon to be unemployed – a scary thought, but hopefully, with limitless opportunities! I want to focus on doing the things I currently and used to love – more time on my blog, more time reading and writing and watching telly, more time creating and listening to music – more time for the things in my life that have been on the back-burner for way too long!

It’s so important to look after you – but it’s often just as easy to forget about yourself! I love having a little list to work towards, goals to achieve, but that doesn’t mean you have overwhelm yourself with ‘too’ many things, which can have a negative effect in itself – self neglect is a form of self harm, and it’s important to remember that!

What’s on your self care list, and what do you find helps you to remember to look after yourself?