The Saharan by Juvia’s Place – Is It Worth The Hype?

November 7, 2018
The Saharan Palette by Juvia's Place

If you could describe your perfect eyeshadow palette, how would you describe it? The first things that come to mind for me are super-pigmented but blendable mattes, creamy and gorgeous shimmers, wearable everyday shades alongside pops of colour for those special occasions, all for an affordable price – which is exactly how I would describe The Saharan by Juvia’s Place. Having been spotted across Youtube, Instagram and Twitter, used by the likes of NikkieTutorials and Kathleen Lights, Juvia’s Place is the brand that broke the internet and one that I couldn’t wait to try myself..

Let’s be honest, double discount will always dangerous on Beauty Bay. I’d been eying up the entire range from Juvia’s Place for months, and 20% off was a better reason than any to finally invest. I managed to control my urges, and whilst there was a point where three of their palettes were in my basket – The Nubian and Mini Masquerade Palettes are still screaming my name, I must admit –  I eventually opted for The Saharan Palette. I just needed to see for myself if the hype around the brand was truly worth it (a slightly too familiar excuse now)..

The Saharan Palette retails for £30, with double discount bringing it down to £24. The palette itself contains twelve pans, four mattes and eight shimmers, which equates to each pan coming in at a relatively affordable £2, still making it one of the most expensive palettes I’ve ever bought – but I’m sure that won’t come as a shock to anyone, drugstore queen over here!

There were a number of reasons as to why I was ultimately drawn towards The Saharan – I loved that the palette contained a matte black shadow, a staple of any palette in my opinion as it brings such versatility and adds depth to any look, the shimmers varied in shades vastly, from whites to golds to coppers to greens, which made me excited about the number of looks that could be created, and I thought the packaging as a whole was stunning..

The Saharan Palette by Juvia's Place

Beauty Bay’s delivery was incredibly quick as always, which fortunately for impatient, little old me meant that the palette arrived the day after I ordered. As much as I wanted to dive in as soon I opened the packaging, the blogger in me knew that I wanted to take pictures while it was still in perfect condition, and I reluctantly had to wait. Boy, was it worth it though, because the palette is exactly as I first described it – my idea of perfect..As an everyday palette, it’s super easy to work with as the mattes blend well, allowing you to create a simple but gorgeous eye look in under five minutes – a coppery, peach eye is my go-to, and I often use Katsina as a transition shade, a small amount of Jamila in the crease, with either Zoya or Lulu on the lid.

Individually, the shimmers go above and beyond what I expected. Senegal is the most gorgeous, golden shimmer – competing with Adorn from the Subculture Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills for my all-time favourite shadow from any palette, ever – whilst Fula, a shimmering rose, and Bororo, a shimmering deep red, blend together like no other foils I’ve ever tried before and are both indescribably creamy. As a whole, the shadows offer little kick back, apply well, and give just as much colour pay off with a dry brush as they do with a setting spray. If I absolutely had to find one negative with the palette, it would be the size as I would love for it to be slightly bigger so I can love it for a little longer – but that makes it the perfect size for travelling and throwing in my makeup bag, so that really is clutching at straws for a complaint.. 

Having lusted after the entire Juvia’s Place range for so long, my hopes were set high but I wasn’t disappointed. The Saharan Palette has very quickly become a staple in my everyday makeup routine, and the brand is one that I’m eager to try again, with my heart set next on The Nubian Palette – let’s pray for a successful and prosperous Black Friday..  

Would you be drawn towards The Saharan Palette? Have you ever tried anything from Juvia’s Place?