How My Skin Has Changed, & My Pregnancy Skincare Routine..

May 25, 2019
AD – This post contains products that have been gifted. All thoughts are my own, and I am under no obligation to post.

Is it possible to have a ‘pregnancy glow-down’? If it is, then I reckon that’s what’s happened to me over the past few months, or at least to my skin. One day, it’s oily and gross, the next, it’s sore and dry. In the morning, it’s clear and by the evening, I have an entire chin full of second-head sized spots that have magically sprouted. And products that I’ve always used and loved have been leaving my skin itchy, meaning I’ve had to strip back my skincare regime and try to find products that work for my ever-changing skin during pregnancy. It’s been a struggle, but as my second trimester comes to an end, I’ve finally found a handful of products that seem to work well in my pregnancy skincare routine..

Dermalogica Redness Relief Essence

I was lucky enough to receive Dermalogica’s Redness Relief Essence a few weeks back, when my skin was probably at it’s worst and when I was at my wits end with what to do except wear a paper bag until my due date and pray everything goes back to normal once baby has finally arrived. Having already scrapped most of my skincare routine, other than cleansing using the Dermalogica Special Cleaning Gel and moisturising, I decided to start using the Redness Relief Essence that night. While it’s a little difficult to use, in that I still struggle to ensure I pour the amount of product out that I actually need without spilling or wasting any, I actually noticed a difference in my skin within a few days.

My naturally very rosey cheeks, which have been glowing even more so than normal during pregnancy and something I’m normally quite conscious of, were noticeably less bright. This in itself made me feel a lot less self conscious when going out without makeup, something that I’ve had to do more and more recently due to it often just not sitting right. I do find that it can be quite drying, which is great for my oily days but not so great for my dry and sore days, and may just be down to my changing skin as it is meant to boost hydration, but this is easily combatted with the use of a decent moisturiser soon after the product has absorbed into the skin fully. It’s quickly become a staple in my pregnancy skincare routine, and is something that I use without fail both morning and night.

Revolution Lightweight Hydrating Gel-Cream

A ‘decent’ moisturiser is something that I’ve struggled for a long time to find. One that provides enough moisture to my skin on days when it needs everything it can get, but one that also doesn’t result in me being a gross, shiny mess within a matter of hours on my oilier days is pretty hard to come by apparently. I asked for recommendations over on Twitter and up popped the Revolution Lightweight Hydrating Gel-Cream. I’ve watched Soph on YouTube for years who I’ve also spotted using this, and having previously picked up products that she’s recommended before, knowing that if they’ve worked well for her, then they tend to work well for me, had me sold.

Revolution is known for creating affordable but effective makeup products, so I was excited to give their skincare range a try. I found that the product was more of a thin cream consistency, rather than a gel, but this meant that a little really went a long way. Almost two months after purchasing, I’m a little less than two thirds of the way through, after using it both day and night. The product itself sinks into the skin quickly, meaning that you don’t have to wait to start applying makeup, and leaves the skin feeling smooth and not at all tacky, which is something that I personally really don’t enjoy. While it hasn’t worked miracles, or fully combatted my dry skin problems altogether, it does exactly what it says it does and is super affordable – what more could you ask for really?

Anatomicals Glycolic Face Cleansing Pads

I must admit, this is the one product that has been a little hit and miss for me – on dry skin days, it’s my worst enemy and leaves my face feeling sore, but I also noticed that if I skip it, I begin to break out pretty much the next morning. So, I’ve continued to use them for the moment in the hope that I will find something that doesn’t leave my face sore whilst ensuring I don’t get the awful break outs that I’ve had. Does such a product actually exist? However, they’re not dry like some pre-soaked pads, they don’t smell awful, and maybe they would have been a staple in my routine pre-pregnancy.

I really hate sitting on the fence about products, when they kinda do but kinda don’t work – but once a replacement has been found, this is one that I’ll pack away until my skin has returned back to its constantly oily state post-pregnancy, ready for me to make a final decision about whether it’s a love or hate product..

Will I eventually find my pregnancy glow during my third trimester? Will my skin stop being a pain in the bum, and actually cooperate a little? Will I ever be able to wear a full face of makeup again without looking like a scaley, dry but also sweaty, oily mess all at the same time? At this point, I really don’t know – but I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed, and baby’s keeping hers as well, all in the hope that everything will go back to normal eventually. Who knew I would ever actually miss my plain-old manageable oily skin?

If you’ve had a baby, did you skin change at all during your pregnancy and did you have a pregnancy skincare routine? And if not – what’s your skin type and what are the products you love for it?