Six Things You’ll Read On Tinder – And What They Actually Mean..

Tinder Dating App

Across the four years I’ve been on the app, I’ve probably read roughly a billion bios, received a million messages, and heard a huge amount of, quite frankly, absolute crap on Tinder. Tinder is a minefield of lies, deceit, and over-exaggeration, with a small amount of truth intertwined, and it can be challenging, to say the least, to work out exactly where you stand.

After a while though, you become accustomed to every smooth-talking, tall, dark and handsome man that owns a super cute dog and has a dreamy smile –  and begin to decipher what it is they actually mean when they attempt to convince you that they’re ‘not like other guys’..

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Obsession Makeup – The Affordable Drugstore Brand You Need To Try..

I am a self-professed stinge when it comes to makeup, (you’ll find one or two high-end makeup products in my entire collection, at a push) which is why I fell so quickly in love with Obsession Makeup. I’m always eager to test new drugstore brands and I also love anything and everything that is good quality and affordable, so I practically sprinted to the tills in Boots with my hands full of goodies when I first saw their brand new stand..

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The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser Primer – First Impressions..

I can almost guarantee that you’ve seen The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser Primer all over Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. I’m very late to jump on ‘The Body Shop’ hype, having never used any of their products before other than a few samples sent to me by the gorgeous Alice, but I just couldn’t help myself any longer, and I had to pick up this product. I’ve always dreamt of finding the perfect primer – I’ve tried some other drugstore primers in the past, but have never found one that mattified my makeup in any way or prolonged the wear at all, often increasing the amount of oil on my skin instead – but until now, I hadn’t found my ‘Holy Grail’.

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Five Guys You’re Bound To Find On Tinder..

No matter how hard I try, whenever I find myself single, I always gravitate back to Tinder. I don’t know what’s worse about the app – the awful use of gifs, the appalling chat up lines, or the sheer desperation of some people to gain followers on social media by saying “they rarely go on here” – I wish I could, but I just cannot help myself! Swiping through guy after guy is interesting to say the least, but there are certain ‘people’ you are just bound to meet..

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Improving My Skin – My Current Favourite Products…

I’m not going to pretend that I’m an expert when it comes to skin care or that I have incredible skin – I don’t, I never have, but I am, without a doubt, trying my absolute best to improve that – and I have been since I set it as one of my ‘New Years Resolutions’. We all dream of attaining that ‘facetuned’ look constantly, but let’s be real – we all have pores, we all have oily and dry patches, and we all get spots at some point. There are, however, a million and one products out there that have been created in an attempt to solve every and any skin issue that may arise..

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