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Our Current Essential Baby Products – What We Couldn’t Live Without..

February 20, 2020

Ask me six months ago what I considered to be an essential in my life, I would’ve probably talked you through my skincare routine or current makeup favourites – and now, it’s pretty dummies and muslins that don’t loose their shape when you wash them – how life changes, aye? My bedside table certainly looks a lot different, the things I fumble for in the…

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A (Nearly) Four Month Life Update – Moving House, Chatting Away & Setting Goals For 2020..

January 27, 2020

Whew, how have four months passed already? I can’t quite believe how long it’s been since I last wrote a life baby update post, but what a jam-packed few months they’ve been, and what a year ahead it’s set to be as well. I finally feel in the ‘swing of things’ enough to sit down and write about almost everything that has happened recently, and…

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What To Watch – Six Must-See​ Crime Series’ This Autumn..

November 1, 2019

As the nights get darker and colder, what better way to spend an evening than wrapped up in front of the telly with a good crime series – or in my case, six? I feel like I’ve seen so many crime and detective programmes recently that I now consider myself a connoisseur on the subject, and if I dare watch any more, I may have…

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Revolution Pro New Neutrals Shadow Palette – Living Up To It’s Name..

October 23, 2019

As some of you may know, I celebrated my birthday at the beginning of last month – well, when I say celebrated, I mean tried and failed to bring on labour naturally whilst eating lots of cake and trying to relax as much as possible – and for my birthday, I picked up lots of new skincare and makeup that had been on my wishlist…

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And Then A Baby – Introducing Asher-Grayce..

October 11, 2019

After forty-two weeks and one day of being pregnant, a thirty-two-hour induction process and an emergency caesarean, on the 17th of September at 4pm, weighing a healthy 7lbs 9, we finally welcomed our gorgeous baby girl, Asher-Grayce Daisy Logan, into our world. Instantly, all the waiting, the worry, and the pain was worth it – as crazy as it may sound, we fell in love…

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