That’s It, I Quit, I’m Moving On..

unemployed thank you card

It’s official – I quit my job! I am, for the first time in my life since I was about thirteen, unemployed! The whole idea of being unemployed is terrifying – which may or may not be the understatement of the century – but you have to do what is right for you, and this is just it..

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What I Am Lusting Over From The Lush Halloween Collection..

lush bath bomb haul

The Lush Halloween Collection is making my life a living struggle, to say the least!

I am trying my absolute hardest to not spend money at the minute – being unemployed is like fighting a losing battle money wise, and one that is definitely not going in my favour! I’m trying my best to be as smart with money as possible, and have put myself on a permanent spending ban until further notice, or until there’s a slight inkling of money coming my way! With that being said, I have reverted instead to adding things to my ‘mind basket’..

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What I Hope To Achieve – My Blog Goals..

blogosphere blog goals

I cannot believe that I’ve been blogging for nearly four months – it’s crazy, isn’t it?! These first few months have absolutely flown – I’ve achieved goals that I thought it would take me until the end of the year to hit, I’ve met some absolutely wonderful people, and I recently went self hosted! I’m so proud of how far I’ve come so far, and having reached so many of my own personal blog goals, I’ve decided to set myself some blog goals for both the short term, and for the future..

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The Importance Of A Self Care Routine..

my self care routine

I admit, I’m rubbish at looking after myself and self care has never been number one on my to-do list.. I’m always the last person on my own mind and constantly prioritise everyone else above myself, whether that be physically, emotionally or otherwise – their happiness and wellbeing comes first!

It shouldn’t be that way though, and I am fully aware that I need to start thinking about myself.. I definitely deserve to be at least a little bit selfish, to think about what’s best for me, and to take time for myself – whether that be a few minutes each day, or entire days to myself! Almost fully inspired by Amie’s Girl Gang chat a few weeks back, I’ve decided to create myself a little ‘self care list’ in the hope that it’ll encourage me to stick to it..

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How To Survive A Holiday Together..

our first holiday together

The first beach holiday with your partner – spending all day, every day with someone who means so much to you, in a hot and sticky country – is a pretty daunting thought and, apparently, this is made ten times worse when going on holiday to a country with an appalling sewage system that doesn’t allow you to flush toilet paper down the toilet.. And yes, I’m looking at you James!

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