My November Favourites – What I Loved Throughout The Month..

December 5, 2017

simple moisturiser kat von d lock it foundation november favourites

I say it every single month, but oh my word, that month flew?! I can’t believe that it’s already my favourite time of the year, and I don’t have to contain my excitement any longer, I can just be excited! November, for me, was a month of saving, which brought with it a spending ban as a result. I tried to keep my spending on myself to the absolute minimum, but I did still pick up a few new favourites – with all the shopping for others around this time of year, we definitely all need a little treat..

Unsurprisingly, my favourites this month starts off with the Kat Von D Lock It Foundation! I picked it up at the beginning of this month – using a voucher, and a discount, which means a lot less guilt about the price – and I have genuinely fallen in love with my first high-end product. You can read the full review here, but in essence, the foundation lives up to almost every claim it makes, except the all-day wear, and I am still obsessed. I plan on adding a few other bits from her range to my wishlist, because there are just so many other products that I really want to try out!

I mentioned in the full review that the foundation sits so much better on well-moisturised skin, and having used the same moisturiser for as long as can be remembered, I decided that a change was needed. I picked up the Simple Kind To Skin Replenishing Rich Moisturiser on offer in Superdrug, and I have been converted. I have always reached for the lighter version, due to naturally oily skin and a fear that a rich moisturiser would simply create an oily pool on my face, but I have had no more of an issue with oil, and I definitely feel smoother and my skin more nourished! All of my foundations, drugstore or high end, seem to sit a little better, my skin is no longer tacky after applying, and moisturising in the morning is now something that I get stupidly excited about..

November brings with it the awareness that my makeup will be worn for longer periods of time – days out shopping, festive parties and the big day itself, all signal longer periods of wear! Tie that in with harsh, cold weather as well, I find that it’s super important to look after my skin around this time of year by taking the extra step in my routine to cleanse and ensure that my face is clear and my makeup is fully washed off. The Garnier Micellar Gel Face Wash is literally my dream product – I can not only take off my makeup with the product, including stubborn mascara which often leaves remnants with other makeup removal products, but it cleanses and leaves my face feeling clean and soft! I have been using this as the penultimate step in my routine – cleansing my face after removing my makeup with micellar water, before applying a nighttime moisturiser, as it can leave my face a little dry in places without. I have also heard rumours that it can be used to wash makeup brushes quickly and easily, because of the micellar, but I have yet to test that out..

A little different, but this months favourite’s would not be complete without a mention of Sam Smith – The Thrill Of It All! I have had it on repeat, day in, day out, without fail. I don’t quite know what it is about the album, or about him, but something seems to resonate with me in a way that nothing else has for a very long time, and I have become obsessed! I would definitely recommend having a listen, with both slow and up tempo songs, all with incredible lyrics – a few of my personal favourites from the album have to be Pray, Nothing Left For You and HIM..

November may have flown, but it’s officially my favourite time of the year and my excitement for the ‘big day’ is growing! I can’t wait to spend some time with my family, eat way too much food, and most importantly, spend lots of evenings, curled up watching movies, toasty under a blanket..

What were your highlights from November?

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