Our Newborn Baby Essentials – What We’ve Bought So Far..

June 8, 2019

The world of baby shopping is, without a doubt, overwhelming. One person’s newborn baby essentials are another’s disappointing buys, so it can be difficult knowing what will and won’t work for you – especially when you’re buying for a baby that hasn’t arrived yet, and may hate absolutely everything. I’ve read review after review, watched countless videos and taken in every bit of advice that I could – all in the hope of choosing what for us, will work best..

Our first ‘big’ baby purchase came in the form of the Tommee Tippee Complete Feeding Set in Grey. We knew from day dot that we wanted to bottle feed rather than breast feed, and this set was a bargain price that included basically everything we needed. Me, being me, loved it in the grey which I struggled to find almost anywhere, so even though it was super early on in the pregnancy, I wanted to get it before it sold out. Tommee Tippee always came on top when we asked for recommendations, so in my eyes, it was a great first baby buy.

We were undecided about the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Day & Night for ages, even though it came really highly recommended. Once we’d made the decision to move out after baby’s arrival, I was sold. The last thing I wanted to do was be a burden on the rest of the house, when it’s three in the morning and baby is screaming, so being able to make a bottle in under two minutes to the perfect temperature sounds like a godsend – both for me and the rest of the family. The volume control is perfect for night feeds, and the machine itself will hopefully ensure that the whole process is both quick and quiet. Not necessarily on everyone’s list of baby essentials – but in our eyes at least, a definite necessity..

Another Tommee Tippee purchase, this time in the form of the Sangenic Nappy Disposal! This was at the top of the list when we asked for recommendations – apparently baby nappies can smell pretty gross, who even knew? And unless you’re willing to run them straight outside to the bin, regardless of time and weather conditions – which I, for one, am definitely not willing to do – then a nappy bin is an essential. We bought this during a baby event, when it was better than half price, so it was a bargain at the time as well. Win, win I reckon?

One of our coolest purchases so far, in my opinion, is the Gro Egg 2. I would happily have one of these in my bedroom with or without a baby, because I’m mildly obsessed with knowing how cold or warm our bedroom is at the moment. When buying this, I struggled to work out the difference between the original Gro Egg and the Gro Egg 2, but also couldn’t find a price difference between the two on some websites, so was a little confused and ended up opting for the Gro Egg 2 for no other reason than it looked different and the temperature display was slightly easier to read. Maybe those are the differences, but knowing the temperature of our bedroom is important to know how to dress a baby at night, and this just gives me peace of mind..

Another bargain purchase and on everyone’s baby essentials list, was our cot, the Rafferty Cot in Grey. We purchased it during a baby event, when it already had £10 off with another 20% discount of top, bringing it down to an incredible £47! The cot itself has lots of incredible reviews, and is one that we’d had our eye on for ages – and with the amount of space in our bedroom being slightly limited, we knew that baby was going to go straight into a cot rather than a moses basket so seeing this for such a great price was a no-brainer, and we ordered it straight away. Having finally, finally decided on a mattress – who knew that was such a complicated bloody minefield? – I’m super excited to get it up and built..

I spent absolutely ages debating between a baby bath, or a bath support, struggling to choose between the Shnuggle Baby Bath and the Angelcare Bath Support. Both came super highly recommended, both had incredible reviews and I’ve seen both all over YouTube and Instagram all with super happy babies inside! In the end, we opted for the Shnuggle Baby Bath so that we don’t have to constantly fill a full bath, it has a higher upper age limit and it can be moved around which is a great bonus apparently, especially if you end up having any sort of ‘trauma’ during labour that restricts your movement. Still feels a little crazy knowing that there’s going to be a tiny little baby in there in the next few months, and hopefully she’ll love it!

We’ve still got a few more ‘big bits’ to buy – the travel system and the changing bag are next on our hit list – and we’ve stocked up on little necessities, and stockpiled nappies from various brands, we’re just patiently waiting for baby to arrive now. 12 or so weeks to go, but who’s counting anyway?

What were your newborn baby essentials? Have you used any of the products mentioned, and if so, what did you think?