Revolution Pro New Neutrals Shadow Palette – Living Up To It’s Name..

October 23, 2019
The Revolution Pro New Neutrals Palette, laid open, on a white background

As some of you may know, I celebrated my birthday at the beginning of last month – well, when I say celebrated, I mean tried and failed to bring on labour naturally whilst eating lots of cake and trying to relax as much as possible – and for my birthday, I picked up lots of new skincare and makeup that had been on my wishlist for a while. One of the items that I was most excited about getting my hands on was the Revolution Pro New Neutrals Shadow Palette..

I first spotted the Revolution Pro New Neutrals Shadow Palette on social media a few months back, and I knew straight away that I needed it in my collection. I wear a simple, nude eyeshadow with a bit of shimmer most days but I also enjoy creating more dramatic, glittery looks as well, all of which this offered. The palette itself stood out as an obvious dupe, at least in terms of looks, to the Huda Beauty New Nude Palette which, at a pretty hefty £56, is something that I’ve lusted after but would never be able to justify buying myself or asking for as a gift. In comparison, The New Neutrals Palette retails for less than a quarter of that price, at an incredible and much more affordable £12.

In Comparison..

Both palettes offer eighteen shades, and while many are similar, the palettes do differ slightly. The Huda Beauty New Nude Palette consists of ten mattes, four glitters, three shimmers and one concealing shade – which can be used as a base or to cut the crease when creating a look – while the New Neutrals Palette consists of ten mattes, five shimmers, two glitters and one concealing shade.

At first glance, the most noticeable difference between the two palettes is that the matte shadows within the budget palette appear deeper, while the luxe palette is more neutral. In addition, both the shimmers and the glitters within the luxe palette look to be more chunky, while at first glance, they look more refined in the budget palette.

A close up shot of one of the glitters from the Revolution Pro New Neutrals Palette
The Review Itself..

Having used the palette a number of times now, my opinion on the palette is very similar to the name itself – neutral. I adore the shimmers, and, like many of the other palettes created by the brand, they make it worth the price tag, even if they do create a bit more fallout than is ideal. The glitters can be gorgeous, but are generally a little difficult to work with, especially atop of a matte shadow. Some of the darker, deeper matte shadows blend out a little patchy and take a lot of building to get any depth, especially when layered with other matte shadows, making it difficult to get the same look on both lids. I also found that this made it difficult to create a matte-only look that didn’t look pretty naff.

The neutral, nude mattes are what let the palette down the most in my opinion – many of them offer little to no colour pay off, making them great for setting your base, but not much more than that – and for a palette named the New Neutrals Palette, I feel these should have definitely been a strong point. Overall, I like the palette and the colour scheme is very appealing, but the quality of some of the shadows definitely let it down. At the price point, I’m not disappointed and will continue to work with it but I probably wouldn’t repurchase and if I won the lottery, I would definitely pass this palette on and pick up the more luxe version from Huda Beauty, without a doubt..

Have you tried the Revolution Pro New Neutrals Palette, or anything from the New Neutrals range? What’s been your best beauty purchase recently?