New In – My Most Recent (And Some High-End) Makeup Purchases..

July 20, 2018

I feel like I haven’t written a ‘first impressions’ post in about a million years, but I actually earned some money this month, hallelujah, and decided to treat myself! Having been unemployed and ridiculously poor for the last few months, I’ve picked up very few new makeup pieces in that time because, priorities – so justifiably, I picked up a few more than I probably should have when payday finally came around, including some new in high-end pieces that I’ve been dying to try..

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray..

I only recently wrote about wanting this for my birthday, but then it came on offer (who can resist a twenty-five percent discount?) and y’anno, apparently, ya girl has absolutely zero self-control. I picked up the travel size, just in case I didn’t get on well with it as a product, but after watching countless videos and seeing just how many uses it had in your makeup bag, I had high hopes, without a doubt.

I find it’s super difficult to say how useful a setting spray is, and how much of a difference it actually makes to your makeup, but in the recent high temperatures, I’ve got home from work at the end of the day and noticed I’m considerably less oily than I would’ve been without a quick spritz at the beginning of the day. It’s difficult to pinpoint this as being the exact reason why, but I like to think it’s making a difference and I plan to continue using it – even if it just gives me a few extra hours of not being a gross, oily mess, I’ll take that..

Urban Decay All Nighter Full Coverage Concealer in Fair Neutral..

Another product I asked for, for my birthday, before picking it up myself – I’m terrible, I just couldn’t resist. I’m super glad that I popped into store rather than ordering online, as I had planned because I ended up picking up a different shade to the one that I thought would’ve matched. Another product that I’d had my hopes set pretty high for, after a few wears, I’m still a little undecided..

I don’t hate the product, let’s get that out there right now! It’s a good shade match, the coverage is great and I don’t find it clings to my under eye fine lines like some concealers do really awfully, I just don’t think I’m in love with it, at least not yet. The cult sensation that is the Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer does almost the same job for a fifth of the price, and if something works just as well and is a hell of a lot cheaper, why would you not go for the more affordable option? I’m looking forward to trying it out with a few of my other favourite foundations and seeing how they work together, so maybe I’ll learn to love it and find my dream combination along the way..

LA Girl Pro Matte Foundation in Bisque..

Will I ever stop being influenced by Beauty YouTubers? I’m sure we all have those vloggers and bloggers that we love so much that we can’t help but purchase everything they recommend – and that person for me is undoubtedly SophDoesNails! We both have oily skin, both are fairly pale with a similar undertone, and both live for a good matte foundation, so when I saw this on offer after she’d recently featured it, I was instantly sold..

Soph mixes the two lightest shades, Ivory and Bisque, so I opted for the second lightest shade in the hope that it would match me well having recently caught a bit of a tan (although still Casper the Friendly Ghost). I must admit that the formula of this foundation wasn’t my favourite – it’s a very dry, thick consistency which although isn’t uncommon in matte foundations, is much more noticeable in this and doesn’t make it the nicest to apply. I also found it noticeably oxidised which isn’t the end of the world, but it did disappoint me a little the first time I wore it.

However, the second time I used the product, mixing it with another slightly lighter, thinner foundation to change the consistency and stop it from making me go three shades darker than I’d ever wanted, I was really happy with the final product. While the dry, thick consistency wasn’t my favourite to begin with, it did mean that as it wore throughout the day, and my natural oils began to come through, they were barely noticeable and after twelve hours of wear, my base was still intact which is a definite win in my world..

Becca Mini Highlighter in Champagne Pop..

Admittedly, this is the most exciting recent addition to my makeup collection, because we all know that I’m a sucker for a blinding highlight. I picked this up a few weeks ago actually – I had just got my job back and although I was still broke as hell, I deserved a treat. A “you’re a functioning member of society again” gift to myself, I called it!

I was torn between so many of the different shades, and swatched almost every one that may have worked for my skin tone, before eventually opting for the classic Champagne Pop. I genuinely fell in love with it from the first time I used it – I love that it doesn’t cling to my foundation or ever look patchy, how it catches the light is just incredible and although not important to the product itself in absolutely any way, I’m obsessed with the scent (not that anyone will be smelling my face, but y’anno). I cannot recommend the entire range enough, and I just know that I’ll be heading back at some point in the probably too near future to pick up Opal..

What’s new in in your makeup collection recently? Have you discovered any new incredible products?