‘Strong, Fiercely Independent Perfectionist’ – Do I Match My Star Sign?

October 25, 2017

virgo star sign

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always found my horoscope and star sign to be scarily accurate – I often avoid reading it on the basis that it spooks me out when it reflects my life so perfectly! Inspired entirely by Alice’s post, I decided to use the same website as her, ‘BuildingBeautifulSouls‘, to delve entirely into that which scares me just in time for spooky season to begin..

I was born on the 3rd of September, which makes my star sign ‘Virgo’! While scrolling through the site, there were a number of things that stood out to me – both elements of my personality that have been pointed out to me by others, as well as elements that I have noticed within myself..

‘Virgo’s have a knack for details – most of the time you will have to admit she’s right’..

As a child, I always had an eye for the smallest of details – I was constantly interested in learning something new, always had my head in a book, and wanted to know absolutely everything, about it all! If we ever got lost while out driving as a child, my mother would always ask if I knew which direction to go or whether we’d already been through that part of town – I always had my eyes peeled and took in every, single detail..

‘You hate messes! Organisation is your middle name’..

I absolutely love being organised – I always have everything that I may possibly need and as a result, my handbag often has my entire life in it! Mentally, I have to make plans, have everything set in place, and ensure that those plans are stuck to, for fear of the entire world coming to an end or something dramatic like that..

‘You want the entire explanation behind everything, complete with footnotes’..

This fits perfectly with my ‘knack for details’! I love to know why things work, how things are done, why they are done a certain way – I often enjoy getting involved myself, and making suggestions to help improve if there are any issues that I spot, even if my help isn’t wanted – after all, I am always right!

‘You have a sense of realism, used in making wise decisions’..

I have always thought about the whole, ‘glass half empty, glass half full’ question – optimist or pessimist? I only recently realised that neither fitted, that every situation had to be judged on its own facts, and that it was possible to be both, but also neither at the same time! I often find myself taking a mature stance, weighing up situations, such as the relationship between myself and my dad, and would definitely describe myself as a realist..

‘You trust your head, more than your heart’..

I would love, love, love to be someone who listened constantly to their heart! I would love to be spontaneous, and mysterious, and unplanned, but I just can’t – not without a panic attack, and the constant fear of something going awfully wrong! Instead, I am forced to listen to my head, to make plans in advance, to make conscious decisions that are well thought out..

While these were just a few of the personality traits picked out, the entire description of my star sign matched me eerily well – I genuinely think it described me better than even my boyfriend could! I find reading around my star sign really interesting, if a little spooky, and could definitely see myself as being more spiritual..

What’s your star sign, and does it match you?