How I Get, And Keep, My Sparkle – My Favourite Highlighters..

October 22, 2017

my favourite highlighters

I physically cannot describe just how obsessed I am with highlighters! I mentioned in my ‘favourite eyeliner’ post that I bloody love glitter – I never go anywhere without highlighter, it’s a staple in my makeup collection and has been for just about forever! My base just doesn’t feel complete without a sparkle, even if it is only subtle (which, as my boyfriend often tells me, it never is)..

I am not afraid to admit that I am tight – I always look for a cheaper alternative, and often find products that work amazingly well, for so much less than high end! Writing this post, I quickly realised that my boyfriend is almost entirely responsible for providing my sparkle, and for that, I am forever grateful..

The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer – £19.99..

James bought The Mary-Lou Manizer for me as a Valentine’s present, and it’s lasted ridiculously well – I use the product almost every day, and yet, it barely looks like I’ve touched it! I cannot fault it in terms of longevity – both on my face, and as a product – and the glow it produces is intense, catching the light in a way that makes any makeup lover want to scream – “That glow, I am shook!”

I opted for Mary-Lou as I’m very pale, and I find golden highlighters make me look yellow and washed out! I love that this is slightly more creamy than some of my other highlighters – it very quickly became one of my favourite items in my makeup bag..

Makeup Revolution Ice Kiss – £5..

After pestering my boyfriend to buy this for me after I finally found it in stock, I fell in love so quickly! The glow this creates is incredible, and I still have my sparkle at the end of a day, after sometimes twelve hours of makeup wear – what more could a girl want?! My foundation often slides from my forehead and nose, due to having naturally very oily skin, but there have been days where this has happened, but my highlight has remained intact..

I find that, on occasions, it does come off a little chalky, but that’s nothing a little buffing out doesn’t eliminate! Every girl and their sister’s know just how amazing Makeup Revolution highlighters are, and this tops all that have come before it..

Barry M Glitter Rush Body Glitter Moonstone – £4.59..

I am genuinely a glitter addict! After applying my highlight, I’ll often add a little glitter across my cheek bone, just to create a little extra ‘pop’! I find that Barry M’s range work best – I love their body glitter, which can be worn as eyeshadow as well as highlighter, as well as their dazzle dust! Their dazzle dust is a little finer than the body glitter, with less obvious fall out when worn as highlight..

I absolutely adore both The Mary-Lou Manizer and Ice Kiss highlight – both at opposite ends of the spending spectrum, but both capable of creating intense glows that last!

Have you tried either of these highlighters, and what were your thoughts? What’s your all-time favourite highlighter?