Our Favourite Children’s Books So Far – Five ‘Must Haves’ On Your Bookshelf..

October 4, 2020
AD – This post contains items that were gifted to us. This does not effect our opinion in any way.

Ever since I was a really small child, I’ve always had a love of reading – I have vague memories of lugging Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix to school in my book bag when I was about 9 despite the fact it weighed a tonne and meant my book bag didn’t close properly. You’d rarely find me without a book in my hands, I think my record as a child was seven or eight ‘chapter books’ in one day. When I fell pregnant, I knew that my love of reading, and books in general, was something that I wanted to try my absolute best to pass on to Asher.

And already, she will reach for a book over other toys and sit turning the pages and looking at the pictures. At night, we’ve read to her since she was a few weeks old, a great way of exposing her to language that she might not necessarily hear on a daily basis and just a lovely way of winding down at night. While she may not have a full understanding of what’s going on in the story, I love spending that time with her and she seems to enjoy it nonetheless – and in her ever-growing library, we already have a few definite favourites in our collection. If you’re prepared enough to already be thinking about Christmas, any of these books would make an incredible gift that the littles in your life will love..

The Worrysaurus

I picked this up having seen countless people on Instagram rave about how lovely the story is and how well it teaches emotions, and they were completely right. The Worrysaurus plans a picnic, but begins to get anxious and worry about lots of things that could go wrong. He quickly realises that there’s no need to worry about everything, and to just enjoy the moment. Asher’s a little young to understand the moral of the story, but I hope that having stories where emotions are openly discussed from such a young age will teach self awareness and encourage her to do the same in real life.

Grandad’s Island

I cannot begin to describe just now beautiful the illustrations are in this book, and how lovely the story itself is as well. Grandad invites Syd to his special island, but when it comes to going home, Grandad gives him one last hug and decides he wants to stay instead. It’s such a clever and imaginative way of discussing loss openly and teaching kids that sometimes people in their lives will have to go away, but that they’re in a better place because of it, a topic that’s often avoided and even more so when it comes to children. The whole story really is heartwarming, a must read.

Fantastically Great Women Who Changed The World

This whole collection is incredible and should be on the bookshelves of every little girl out there, to teach them just how far they can and will go in life. This instalment features the likes of Frida Kahlo, Marie Curie and Rosa Parks. telling their stories in language that’s informative but easy for any age to understand. Not only is it super important to give children, especially girls, strong and positive role models to look up to and aspire to be like, it’s also important that these role models are diverse as well. After all, feminism is only truly feminism if it’s intersectional! If you haven’t looked into any of this series, I can’t recommend them enough – we also have Fantastically Great Women Who Saved The Planet, which is just as lovely, both would make a great addition to any bookshelf.

Very First Questions and Answers: What Are Stars?

This is quite possibly the loveliest set of board books I have ever laid eyes on, we need the whole collection in our lives, they’re genuinely beautiful. The language used is accessible, there are lots of flaps with lots of incredible illustrations, making it super interactive, and it’s interesting enough to engage both you and your little one while reading. It’s also full of lots of diverse characters, which is always something to shout about as well! I can’t wait for us to get our hands on the others in the collection. I’m most looking forward to the illustrations in ‘What is the Moon?’

The Little Girl Who Dared To Dream

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I was when Wonderbly first got in contact about sending out one of their personalised books for Asher. I genuinely had a little cry when it first arrived and I had the chance to open it up and have a read through, because beautiful is the only word I can use to describe it. The story itself, which features your own child as a character that you can choose when creating the book, involves them heading off on an adventure, where they meet lots of friends who all need a little help to achieve their dreams.

It’s incredibly made, personalised in so many different ways, and will, without a doubt, be something that we treasure forever. I was also able to add in a dedication at the beginning of the story, making it all that more special. I just know that any of the books on their website would make the most incredible gift for a child of any age, and will be one that’s appreciated by the parent as well. This’ll be one of those titles that even when we’ve read it a million times, we’ll still reach for it and when it finally gets put down for the final time, it’ll get squirrelled away into storage, ready to be pulled out when she’s older and can appreciate it in an entirely different way. Having seen first hand just how incredible the stories are, I now have my eye on ‘Asher The Elf Who Saved Christmas‘, ready to read with her on Christmas Eve..

If you do fancy adding ‘The Little Child Who Dared To Dream’ to your collection, or any of their wonderful other titles, you can get £10 off your first book – and I get £10 credit as well – by clicking here.

I genuinely love the fact that my baby will grow up surrounded by books, and will encourage her to love them just as much, and hopefully more, than I do. Now, if anyone needs any ideas for presents for her in the future, a Wonderbly book or a Waterstones voucher will be much appreciated!

Have you ever created a book through Wonderbly before? What books are on your child’s Christmas list this year?