What I Am Lusting Over From The Lush Halloween Collection..

October 11, 2017

lush bath bomb haul

The Lush Halloween Collection is making my life a living struggle, to say the least!

I am trying my absolute hardest to not spend money at the minute – being unemployed is like fighting a losing battle money wise, and one that is definitely not going in my favour! I’m trying my best to be as smart with money as possible, and have put myself on a permanent spending ban until further notice, or until there’s a slight inkling of money coming my way! With that being said, I have reverted instead to adding things to my ‘mind basket’..

Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year, and I love their collection year in, year out!

Lush is probably the only store where there are products that I am constantly dying to try out, and their seasonal ranges are no different! There are a few that I’ve been fortunate enough to try in the past, and some that have been calling my name for as long as I can recall..

Pumpkin Bath Bomb.. 

I absolutely love the smell of this one – it’s sweet, pleasing and such an autumnal smell, and it makes the water such a gorgeous, orange colour! I couldn’t not pick it up last year, as it was just so cute, which made it even more tempting! I loved it then, and I just wish I had the money to repurchase it this year round..

Lord of Misrule Shower Gel..

Shockingly, I’m yet to try a Lush Shower Gel! I find that every year, people insist that Lord of Misrule is something that ‘I need in my life’! Not only does it have a gorgeous colour, that apparently lasts through the lather, but it smells ridiculously good..

Monsters’ Ball Bath Bomb..

This one catches my eye every year, but I’m still yet to try it! This is yet another one to send the water a beautiful pink colour, but I’ve also been told that it leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and smells amazing.. What more could you want from a bath bomb on an Autumn night?!

Pink Pumpkin Bubble Bar..

I have seen this all over social media, and as a girl who is undoubtedly and unashamedly addicted to glitter, this is something that I feel I need in my life! Not only does it make the water a gorgeous pink colour, but it fills the tub with glitter – like a full body highlighter! Words cannot describe how much I need it..

Lush have a new store opening in the Oxford Westgate later this month, and it’s set to be so much bigger than their current store! I am ridiculously excited to take a trip, but a little disheartened knowing that I’ll have to limit myself as to what I can buy – heartbreaking, to say the least!

What are your seasonal favourites from Lush?