The Ultimate 24-Hour Foundation?! Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation First Thoughts..

November 12, 2017

lock-it foundation

I officially own my first ever, high-end foundation – hallelujah! I debated for about a million years (or about five weeks, in reality), toying between Mac, Urban Decay, and Too Faced! I was just so undecided, but I eventually opted for the Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation, and couldn’t not do a first impressions post after tweeting endlessly about it..

I still am, have mentioned before, and always have been, a high coverage gal. I have such an uneven skin tone, with red patches and dark circles under my eyes that a light or even, often a medium coverage foundation, just doesn’t hide, unfortunately! Previously, I have always opted for drugstore foundations, on the basis that I haven’t spent a crazy amount of money if it doesn’t work for me, or if I simply don’t love it.. The Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation was recommended to me throughout Twitter – I obviously read countless reviews before making my final decision, and it sounded like everything that I could possibly want..

Colour matching wasn’t an option as my local store doesn’t stock the brand, so finding my foundation shade was always going to be super difficult. I used the website “Findation” – I put in some of my favourite foundations and my shades in those, and the website compiled a list of recommended shades in other brands, including both drugstore and high end! The website recommended ‘Light 44 Cool’. At first, I thought the colour on screen looked a little light, but I took a leap of faith and ordered it anyway..

I was honestly shook! I have never matched a foundation so well – it was perfect! I would recommend the website without a doubt, it was so easy to use and did a much better job colour matching than I would have done by myself..

Moving on to the actual product, the packaging itself is gorgeous, to say the least – simple, matte black box with silver and shiny, black details – which is entirely in keeping with the rest of the brand! “24 Hour Wear, Full Coverage, Transfer-Resistant Matte Finish” claims the packaging and the bottle itself. Neither the packaging or the bottle state much more, other than a list of ingredients and it’s expiration date of twelve months, but then again, no one likes a foundation that makes a ridiculous number of claims that it then doesn’t fulfill..

lock-it foundation

I would typically describe my skin as combination that becomes thirsty without moisturiser, with no dry patches at the moment, but a consistently oily chin, nose and forehead. I gently cleanse exfoliate my skin every morning in the shower, before using my Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser! I often struggle with my nose the most – I find that high coverage foundations are fine elsewhere on my face, but will still slip straight off my nose, even after setting, and oil will very quickly become apparent. As a result, I generally have to build up coverage on my nose, chin and forehead..

In spite of my low expectations, it lived up well to it’s claims – a full coverage, matte finish, with only one layer! Following yet another very warm and sweaty sprint for the train, my foundation stayed firmly in place and didn’t budge or separate at all..

After nine hours of wear, my foundation looked almost perfect – a small amount of oil was beginning to appear around my nose, but after a sweaty train and taxi journey, that was definitely to be expected! In the past few days, I have found that it looks entirely different on my skin if I don’t moisturise beforehand – it’s a lot more difficult to work with, doesn’t blend as easy, and clung to my very thirsty cheeks and jaw line! I generally don’t prime my skin, but I am curious to see what it would be like if I did..

 While I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone with dry skin, or that is prone to dry patches, I am personally very pleased with the Lock-It Foundation! I’m super keen to try some of her other items, and the Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks are definitely on my ‘Christmas Wishlist’..

What’s your favourite high-end foundation, and have you tried the Lock-It Foundation? What KVD products would you recommend? 

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