Keep Winging It – My Three Favourite Eyeliners..

September 10, 2017

my favourite eyeliner products

I hate to admit it, but winged-eyeliner is a staple in my make-up routine! I first started wearing liquid eyeliner about two years ago, after I stated working in a gay bar – I fell in love with both a full wing and a hell of a lot of glitter, and both loves remain until this day…

Regardless of my love, I refuse to spend a huge amount of money on any makeup products, let alone one that I get through so quickly, that drugstore eyeliners are held dearly in my heart!

Miss Sporty Studio Lash Liquid Eye Liner – £2.79…

This was the first liquid eyeliner I ever brought, I swear by it to this day! I manage to get a super smooth flick with the brush, it lasts for over nine hours before it begins to smudge, and it’s super matte, which I adore.. And for under £3?! I have repurchased this so, so many times and doubt it’ll ever leave my make-up bag!

Maybelline Master Ink Matte – £5.99..

I cannot fault this eyeliner one little bit – it is so, so matte, and I absolutely adore it! I have personally never been one for a vinyl cat-eye, so the more matte, the better.. I found it was smudge proof, which is great as I always forget I have eyeliner on before rubbing my eyes, because I am literally the definition of a mess!

NYX Matte Liquid Liner – £6.00..

This is definitely one of those products that ‘Bloggers Made Me Buy’! I have heard so many wonderful things about this, and my entire Instagram Explore page was filled with this eyeliner for absolutely forever.. I cannot wait to try it, I love so many other NYX products, and I hope it lives up to my expectations!

I love discovering new eyeliners that are life proof – do you have any eyeliner loves that I should check out?