That’s It, I Quit, I’m Moving On..

October 15, 2017

unemployed thank you card

It’s official – I quit my job! I am, for the first time in my life since I was about thirteen, unemployed! The whole idea of being unemployed is terrifying – which may or may not be the understatement of the century – but you have to do what is right for you, and this is just it..

The word ‘unemployed’ has sent shivers down my spine my entire life, and absolutely no one is questioning the idea that it is frightening! I have absolutely no idea when my next pay check is going to come through, or where it’s going to come from in fact, and the idea of having to budget for the festive season and having to sustain myself for the foreseeable future, off of one months pay, makes my anxious mind want to cry..

While my anxiety is quietly whimpering at the back of my mind, I am overwhelmingly happy and proud of myself! Having gone away on holiday, I spent the entire week worrying and over thinking – about what my future held for me, about my life goals and how they fitted with my current job, about my entire family and about doing what was right for us – just about every single element of my life as it currently stands!

As a bit of context to the entire situation, I received by A-Level results a few weeks before going on holiday – I had been working nearly twenty-five hours a week throughout my exams, and had prioritised work over my education for way too long, having entirely ruled out university, and had anticipated ‘relatively’ poor grades as a result..

I went in to collect my results, expecting the worst, and received quite a shock! I was so pleased to see that not only had I passed all three of my subjects, but I had entirely exceeded my own expectations – I had always known that continuing in education was something that did not appeal to me in any way, but my grades meant that a career in a legal office, or my ultimate dream of marketing, were not entirely out of the question..

I returned home from my holiday, and felt unsettled, to say the least – a few days back at work, and a few teary evenings spent worrying and panicking and over thinking later, it struck me that no one was forcing me to stay in a situation that no longer appealed to me!

Can I ask, why is it that no one ever talks about just how ‘scary’ handing in your notice can be, or what to say and when? I won’t lie to you or soften it in any way – it’s terrifying! I’ve always had such a good relationship with my manager, one that had only improved with time, and I just felt like I had let everyone down and the whole situation broke my heart..

I quickly realised that I was being silly – I wasn’t happy and there was just no way that I could fool myself into thinking differently! The whole meeting was over very quickly – thoughts of being my own number one priority, and doing what was in my own best interests, were at the forefront of my mind the entire time! ‘You have to do what’s right for you, and no one else can make that decision for you!’ – Wise, old but eternally right, Mother Matzen!

And that’s it – I’m unemployed, but I’ll be okay! I’ve faced rejection early on, but it’ll get better, and I’ll find something perfect. I have always been a firm believer in simply doing what is right for you, and quitting my job is what’s right for me, at this point in my life! If you click here, you can keep up with my job hunt! Who doesn’t love a little excitement in their lives?!

Have you had much experience in quitting jobs, and do you have any advice? How do you overcome nerves for the future and facing rejection?

and then zen