What I Am Lusting After – My High-End Beauty Wishlist..

March 15, 2018

The life of a sometimes-beauty-blogger is a difficult one – yet again, I am lusting over a ridiculous amount of new make-up, with so many recent high-end new releases that have all caught my attention. As always, I am fighting with myself over actually buying any of it. My days and nights have been spent scrolling through Beauty Bay, Boots and Superdrug, so much so that they have now found a new home on the ‘favourites’ bar on my phone, although I don’t know whether that’s something to be happy about or ashamed of..

I have decided to compile a list of everything I currently have my heart set on, in the hope that this post will be spotted by a make-up sugar daddy who wants to spoil me in the way I so obviously deserve – or more realistically, so you guys can tell me how amazing these products are or are not, that life is too short, and that I should treat myself..

Morphe Day Slayer & Night Master Palettes

Jack Emory, I am holding you personally responsible for making me feel as if this is not just a want, but a need. Morphe is a brand that I am yet to try – I am a terrible blogger for that reason alone, I’ll admit it – but I’ve heard such amazing things about both their palettes and their brushes, and I feel I finally need to try them out myself.

There have been a number of Morphe palettes that I’ve been tempted by over the past few months – the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe and Dare to Create palettes have both almost swayed me – but I feel like the Day Slayer and Night Master palettes are super affordable, both have shades that I can see myself using for both daytime and nighttime looks, and I am undoubtedly in dire need. Personally, I was very surprised that they didn’t sell out! I’ve debated between picking one over the other, but I’ve struggled yet again to pick between the two – any opinions regarding which I should pick, one or both, will be eagerly welcomed..

Beauty Blender v Too Faced Beauty Sleep Set

Yet again, two brands that I still haven’t been fortunate enough to try. I am dying the get my hands on this collaboration for so many reasons – I’ve heard and read so many good things about the Hangover Primer, and I am yet to find a primer that works well for my oily-but-not skin type, and I feel like I need to try a Beauty Blender myself before I devote the rest of my life to the Real Techniques sponge, which has always been my go-to makeup application product.

I’ve seen it posted all over Instagram, and I am struggling to contain my spending. Simply put, I think for what’s included in this set, this is a must-have and will be the first place any spare money I have will be headed. And come on, it’s a pretty cute set in itself. Have you seen a more photo-friendly product?!

Spectrum Collection’s Vegan Brush Shampoo

I’ll hold my hands up and say that I am the laziest make-up wearer you will ever find, and if I told you how long it’s been since I last washed my make-up brushes, I would be banned from ever wearing make-up again and you would be disgusted. I just need a product in my life that makes the whole process less time consuming and less of a hassle- I don’t have a spare hour and a half in my evenings to spend over the sink, scrubbing away at my brushes – or at least, that’s my excuse anyway, and that’s where this product comes into play !

I think that the stying of this product is impossible not to love as well. The girls have nailed it perfectly, ensuring that it’s in keeping with the entire Spectrum Collections aesthetic, making it almost instantly recognisable as being a product from their collection, and I’m personally a sucker for anything that will look cute on my make-up vanity.

Ofra Glow Baby, Glow! Highlighter Glazed Donut

I am looking at SophDoesNails, NikkieTutorials and Manny MUA. Having all raved on for so long about just how incredible the Ofra Highlighters are, and having recently hit pan in my most used highlighter, I’m leaning heavily towards making my first high-end highlighter purchase in the form of Glazed Donut.

As one of the palest girls you will ever meet, I can sometimes struggle to find highlighters that don’t leave me looking tacky or that don’t leave a horrible cast on my skin, but I think that Glazed Donut, which is definitely one of their lightest highlighters, will be perfect. I’ve seen it swatched all over Instagram and YouTube, and I am left shook every single time – I am all about that ‘in your face’ glow, and I am ready to blind!

Jouer Cosmetics Essential High Coverage Creme Foundation

We’ll finish the way we started – another choice influenced by YouTubers, this time in the form of Jeffree Starr and Laura Lee! Anyone that knows me or has previously read my blog, will know that I am and always will be a full coverage sort of gal, and from the swatches that I’ve seen on their channels, this is my definition of perfect.

Not only does this have ridiculously good reviews on Beauty Bay, but they have an incredible shade range for us super pale girls (although it’s not a very inclusive shade range in general, which so many brands seem to still struggle with for some reason unbeknown to us all and something that needs to quickly be addressed). I think that when I eventually finish my Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation, I will have to pick up this beauty and test it for myself..

Obviously a first-world problem, but being on a spending ban when there are so many tempting high-end releases is super difficult, and this list itself is not exhausted – the Bretman x Morphe Highlighter Palette, the Douce and Festival Palette from Juvia’s Place and the Bad Gal Bang Mascara by Benefit have all caught my eye as well! It’s tough finding a balance between being so poor, I can’t afford food and being completely makeup obsessed..

What high-end releases have caught your eye recently? Would you recommend any of the brands or products mentioned?