Five Apps That You Need To Know About..

November 5, 2017

instagram apps

Whenever I find an app that actually works, I want to shout it from the rooftops and tell the entire world! In the blogging community, we’re constantly looking for apps that make our lives easier, whether that be saving us time or performing tasks that we absolutely hate, like editing photos or tracking unfollowers, and I reckon I’ve hit jackpot..

Unfollow for Instagram..

This is easily one of my most exciting finds – a quick way to unfollow inactive accounts, without having to do it manually! Unfollow allows you to select an ‘inactive interval’ of ‘ninety’, ‘sixty, or ‘thirty’ days, before it will go through and select every account that hasn’t been active in that period, and you can then chose to unfollow or deselect!

The only downside to the app is that it only selects the accounts, highlighting them blue, rather than organising them at the top of the list! While this does mean that you have to go through the list manually to make sure you’re not unfollowing anyone that you don’t want to not follow (like your boyfriend, who’s very inactive on social media but you still like to follow, just in case), it is definitely a lot easier than going through your followers and checking the last time they posted..

Followers +

I use this app to track my followers, check unfollowers – because we are all well aware of the fun game of ‘follow’ ‘unfollow’ that people and brands tend to play more and more – and generally keep up with my stats, which have been pretty abysmal recently, to say the least..

Their recent update made this app a little less useful, as you now can’t follow and unfollow other users in-app without paying, but it’s still interesting to track and most other features are still free to use, at the moment!

twitter apps

Unfollow for Twitter..

Twitter, yet another platform where people appear to play the wonderful ‘follow’ ‘unfollow’ game! I find this app super useful for tracking which accounts are active or inactive, which accounts don’t follow back, and who recently unfollowed your account (although you do have to watch a small ad for this feature – it’s worth it in my opinion)! Unfollow is probably the easiest to use of all three follower apps, plus you can follow and unfollow in-app, without paying – the only app you’ll need to accompany Twitter!


I cannot believe that this app is free?! There are so many amazing features, as well as a crazy amount of gorgeous filters, and a preset cropping feature, which may seem silly and insignificant, but so many other apps don’t.. Although it’s definitely not the easiest app to use to begin with, there are some really useful tutorials to help even the most novice of editors, and it’s always super fun to play around!

instagram apps


A personal award for the best app that I have ever downloaded, goes to Grammarly! Not only does it check my grammar in my blog posts, but in any ‘chunk’ of text, whether it be a tweet or a text or an email, and will also offer synonyms for words with a simple double-click – it has genuinely changed my life! As a lazy blogger, it is super easy to glaze over a grammatical mistake after re-reading a post a million and one times, and this does it for you automatically..

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