Our Current Essential Baby Products – What We Couldn’t Live Without..

February 20, 2020
a staged image of three bibs dummies and a tube of metanium, two of our essential baby products

Ask me six months ago what I considered to be an essential in my life, I would’ve probably talked you through my skincare routine or current makeup favourites – and now, it’s pretty dummies and muslins that don’t loose their shape when you wash them – how life changes, aye? My bedside table certainly looks a lot different, the things I fumble for in the middle of the night having changed forever. In the last five or so months, we’ve gone through our fair share of baby products, some hits and some misses for us, and some that we now couldn’t live without..

There are certain things you’ll buy during your pregnancy that you’ll either never use, or use a few times before they get pushed to the back of a drawer – one of these products for us, were the dummies by Tommee Tippee. We have so many of their other products that we love – their bottles are our favourites, we use their steriliser daily, and we couldn’t live without the Perfect Prep Day & Night Machine. I thought that the dummies were an obvious choice if we were going to use their bottles, presuming they’d be a similar shape to the teat, but they are in fact different and although Asher constantly wanted to suckle on something, we found the TT dummies would topple out of her mouth really easily.

BIBS were a bit of an impulse buy for me really, after I spotted them on Instagram and thought they were the cutest. They have a much more traditional cherry teat, they’re super lightweight, and probably one of the best things for us, because of her eczema, was that they’re shaped away from the face, which stops it from rubbing and leaving her face all sore and red. They come in such a range of colours – the neutrals and greys are definitely my favourite – and I order ours from La Romi, where they retail at £2.99 each, which is cheapest I’ve found them as well as their customer service being incredible. You can also get an extra 10% off with the code ‘ANDTHENZEN’!

During my pregnancy, we had so much mixed advice as to whether or not we should buy a baby bath, a bath support or nothing at all. We didn’t want to spend money and us not use it but in the end, we opted for the Shnuggle Baby Bath and I’m so glad we did because Asher’s absolutely loved it from day dot. We’ve never had any tears at bath time, it’s super easy to keep at the right temperature because it’s a relatively small amount of water in a small space, and it’s even meant that I could bathe her by myself when needed. I don’t know for definite whether it’s the bath itself that she loves or if she’s just a water baby, but she genuinely seems so happy in it – a great purchase for us, without a doubt, and thankfully because she’s quite a little baby, we’ve still got a few more months of use from it.

Whilst baby baths came with mixed reviews, we were told by absolutely everyone we met that we could never have enough muslins, and they were absolutely right. We picked up some Aden + Anais Muslins from TK Maxx on a whim, having heard so much about the brand, and have been genuinely so impressed. Unlike other brands that we’ve tried, they’re super soft against the skin, and stay that way too, and hold their shape perfectly once they’ve been washed. I would have an entire draw full of their designs if I could, they’re all so are beautiful. They may be slightly more pricey, but they’re definitely worth the investment..

Pricey products, to a couple of quid well spent – Metanium Nappy Rash Ointment. If they made foundations as full coverage as this nappy rash cream, I would be the happiest girl on the planet, this is even thicker than Dermacol. With all that said, we’ve found that it really does work – it’s the only ointment we’ve used that’s still there when we go to change her nappy a few hours later, which is just incredible. We use the Barrier Cream as well, but Asher’s teething which means that although she doesn’t have actual nappy rash at the moment, she is a little more red than normal so we’ve switched to this and use it whenever her nappy’s changed. It’s great, a real essential in our nappy bag.

We’ve been pretty lucky in that most of the products we brought before Asher was born have been a success, and we haven’t wasted much money at all, which was definitely a worry. This time next month, our weaning journey will have begun and I imagine our essential products will have changed all over again – a super exciting but really scary time, all over again – and our baby being nearly six months old is scary in itself!

How old is your little one, and what are your current essential products? Is there anything I’ve mentioned here that you love as well?