Christmas Shopping Tips From A Girl That Hates Christmas Shopping..

December 7, 2017

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I can almost guarantee that you will not find a single person in the entire world that proclaims to enjoy shopping around the festive period – whether you venture into the shops in person, or choose to shop from the solitude of your own house, it’s never an easy task and we all have that loved one, that is impossible to buy for and has everything! I wonder how many of us were savvy enough to pick up pieces across Black Friday?! Christmas shopping itself cannot be avoided, but there are a few ways to make the whole process a little less daunting..

If you haven’t already started, you need to start it right this second..

I hate to state the obvious, and you may be putting it off, but the sooner you start the whole process, the quicker it will be over with?! Christmas shopping for me starts just after my birthday, which gives me around three months to start and finish it all and I generally finish a few weeks before the day itself, although that definitely isn’t true of this year! I also find that the earlier it starts, the more thought goes into my presents and, more importantly, the less of a financial burden it is on my bank account..

Write a list, set a budget, and stick to it..

Admittedly, I am appalling at sticking to a list and I am definitely an impulse buyer through and through! I always plan to write a list and stick to it, but I always get distracted – I have certain members of my family that I love buying for, especially the kids, and end up over-buying as a result, and others that I find so difficult. I recommend writing a list if you’re venturing into the shops themselves, as it will ensure that you get in and get back out alive, with everything you actually went in for rather than a load of wrapping paper and pretty ribbons, and not a single present..

Always do your research, and remember that offers are your bestfriend..

There are always some ridiculously good offers on throughout the festive period – Boots ‘Star Gifts’ are amazing, Body Shop offer various discounts throughout the season often up to 40% off, as do hundreds of other stores up and down the High Street! I would always recommend shopping around for the best price, and often doing this online is much easier than trekking in and out of all of the shops in person, but bear in mind that offers online and in-store can be different..

Allow time for a break, or maybe even make a night of it.. 

I don’t understand why, but shopping always makes me so hungry?! I must admit though, my entire life revolves around food! If you’re visiting through the day, you can start the trip with a spot of breakfast, or finish with lunch, but I personally love visiting in the evening and making a ‘trip’ of it – take your bestfriend or your partner, share the shopping bags, and grab a spot of dinner and maybe a cocktail or two at the end..

I absolutely adore gift giving and love buying for others, but I will always have a passionate hatred for shopping around the festive period – weather that simply can’t decide what it’s doing, making it nearly impossible not to overdress and sweat, queues that stretch for absolute miles, and shops that are noisy and crowded! Christmas will always be my favourite time of the year though, and I am super excited to head to the shops and hear Michael Buble on repeat..

Christmas shopping, love it or hate it? What’re your festive shopping tips – is there anything that I have forgot?!

and then zen