The “They’ve Got Everything” Gift Guide – Where To Shop & What To Buy..

Accompanying image for the "They've Got Everything" Gift Guide of a wrapped present with a 'Absolutely no peeking' gift tag and an iPhone on an independent shop's website

We all have those people in our lives – I without a doubt have an unfair amount in mine – that make you dread shopping. Christmas present buying is one of my favourite things to do, a shock to most people, yet I’m stumped when it comes to the same people, year in year out, who don’t need anything and refuse to give me any hint of what they actually might want. Mooching around the shops in the hope of finding some form of inspiration gets you nowhere –  and that’s when you have to get a little creative and hunt down the perfect gift.

In the hope of saving you some time, I’ve created a gift guide for the people in your life that already have everything..

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Let’s Talk Periods – The Sometimes Awful Reality Of The Pill..

period meme the pill

Contraception, of any form, has always been a pretty murky subject – rarely spoken about in depth, with the side effects often ignored and people being left in total darkness as to what is and should be ‘normal’. The conversation surrounding popular contraceptive methods, and most often, the pill, has been growing recently, as more and more choose to lead an artificial-hormone-free lifestyle. Having been on multiple pills from the relatively young age of thirteen, I wanted to shed some light on why I’m not the biggest fan, but why a hormone-free life just isn’t my cup of tea in all honesty.. 

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I’m Ready To Talk – My Mental Health Story..

Inspired by the courage and strength of Just Jodes’ video on her mental health journey, I decided it was time to open up and get things off my chest. I’ve spoken before on my blog – to some extent – about my mental health and the struggles I’ve faced. I’ve never been ashamed to talk about it, but I wanted to be in a position where I felt comfortable and safe before I fully opened up and went into detail. I’m there now, I’m ready so I apologise in advance for the rambley post but it’s needed..

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A 21st Birthday Wishlist..

“This year is absolutely flying”, a comment I’ve read over and over again since the beginning of February. Are you sick of hearing it yet?! I feel like I was only writing my festive wish list a couple of weeks ago, and yet, here I am preparing for my 21st birthday, featuring yet another awfully put together graphic. I’ve been flooded with questions asking what I would like and while I’m notorious for never knowing, I actually have a full list of things that I really, really want this year – which is welcomed with open arms by my family who normally have no idea what to buy. My mum’s still a little shook that her ‘baby’ is going to be a fully-fledged adult, and if I’m honest, I am as well..

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One Year Blogging And A Life Update – Featuring MyPersonalisedCase..

As a pre-warning, this is going to be a super long and probably more rambly post than I would’ve liked, but I very much feel like it’s needed. I would suggest grabbing yourself a cuppa, or a glass of wine – or in my case, a fizzy drink – and settling down for a little life update..

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