‘Are You Friends With Zoella?!’ – Assumptions We’ve All Heard About Blogging..

March 25, 2018

Blogging Work Hard and Dream Big

There are a huge number of, mostly ridiculous, assumptions that come alongside the title of ‘blogger’ – thoughts of sheer laziness and days spent, lounging around in bed, drinking coffee and not doing much else, to free trips abroad with huge brands, being photographed on white sand beaches in the middle of The Maldives..

Influencers and bloggers have been on the rise for the last decade, and with that rise comes the stereotypical view of the lives that we lead, views enforced by a few too many people – from condescending grandparents, whose knowledge of the internet doesn’t even expand as far as their own Facebook password, to judgemental strangers, whose eye-rolls are so violent, they’re almost audible, enquiring “what exactly it is you do for a living”, to strange men on social media who insist on questioning your role in the world. Twitter provided me with a few assumptions that you wished people would stop making about the world of blogging, and I, for one, had a few giggles along the way..

“Are you friends with Zoella?” – Megan, Food and Fancies

I bloody wish I was friends with Zoella. Everything from her wardrobe, to her house, to her makeup collection is swoon-worthy and I’m sure that most girls, blogger or non-blogger, would love to be friends with her, if just for the day. Unfortunately, the blogosphere is huge, as is the world of social media and the internet as a whole in fact. We are not all friends with Zoella, but we do have many friends, a lot of whom share a love of blogging or social media just as much as we do, friends that we have found through the blogosphere and that we hold very dearly. We don’t all need to be friends with Zoella to be an ‘accomplished blogger’..

“Oh, that’s so easy and sounds like so much fun!” – Alice, BlackTulipBeauty

I enjoy writing, and I’ve blogged for over five years – I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t find it fun, and it’s something that I will always be passionate about. However, in the same way that life has its ups and downs, so does blogging.

We have days where everything goes to plan – where we have an abundance of motivation and inspiration, we have time to sit for hours and write about the things that we love, our photos are well-lit and in focus – and everything in life goes well. We also have days where it just doesn’t – we lose all motivation, the latest drama on social media is too much to handle, we’ve been shadowbanned and the picture we spent so long taking and editing isn’t being seen by our followers, let alone any else – and we want to quit. I often have a love-hate relationship with blogging, but I wouldn’t change my little space on the internet for anything. It’s by no-means easy, but I love doing it..

“What freebies have you got recently?” – Abbey Louisa Rose

If only you knew how much time I spend writing content, testing out products, taking photographs, reading other peoples reviews, commenting on other people’s posts, researching the brand, scheduling tweets, sharing content on different social media channels – the list is endless, and time is money, as they say. If we’re fortunate enough to be sent items to review, there is a huge amount of time devoted to that individual post, meaning that ultimately, items received aren’t free at all..

And while we are often fortunate enough to receive items in return for a review or payment, we’re not all fortunate enough to work with the likes of Fenty or Urban Decay, at least not straight away. That’s absolutely okay though, we love and respect all the brands we work with, we always strive for honesty in our reviews and want to share our knowledge about their products with our audience how we love and knew best – through photography and writing..

“So, you’re unemployed then, and just spend your days in bed?” – Francesca, Quite Franklii

Not everyone that blogs, blogs for a living – many juggle jobs and families and other commitments, while also blogging when they can fit it in with their crazy schedule – but there are more and more people that chose to blog for a living, and they are no different to freelance journalists, or other people that work on a self-employed basis in the creative industry.

They have schedules to abide by, and deadlines to meet, and invoices to chase up, and taxes to pay, and often, the temptation to check emails or be present on social media means that they work longer days than most people in other industries, as it can be difficult to switch off. Most of us would love to just spend the day in bed, switch off from all that is blogging and social media, and not have to worry about the work that awaits us – but it’s no easier for a blogger to do, than it is for anybody else..

“Are you a beauty, fashion, lifestyle or travel blogger then?” – Ray, IndustryMe

In the same way that there are authors that write about every topic imaginable, there are bloggers that do the same, and they all have an audience. Not every blog fits into the typical niches of beauty, fashion, lifestyle or travel, and some blogs don’t have a niche at all – and that’s perfectly fine! If we all wrote about the same topics, the blogosphere would be a boring place indeed.

We all love writing, and we all cover different topics and items and areas – from music, to gaming, to food, to parenting, to film, to theatre – the list is honestly, endless. Regardless of what you love writing about, there will always be someone interested in what you have to say, and vice versa – there will always be something out there that you’ll be interested in reading.

“Anyone can write a few words and take a few pictures?!” – Ross, Man vs Adulthood and Sophie, GlowSteady

I’ve written posts that have taken days to complete, that have brought tears to my eyes while writing, that have been contemplated and played with, before I eventually found the right words to say what I wanted to say. I’ve spent hours taking photos for a post, before uploading them to my laptop and finding that I hated every single photo from that day. I’ve had posts sit in my drafts for weeks, struggling to find the confidence to actually publish the post.

I personally believe that everyone should write – freedom of expression and freedom of speech is a wonderful thing that we should all take advantage of – but that doesn’t make it an easy task, at all. Blogging isn’t for everyone, a part of ‘us’ goes into each of our posts before we eventually hit publish, and that should most definitely be acknowledged.

If I could change one way people think about blogging, it would be the idea that we’re all in it for the money, that we all want to be rich and famous from blogging, and that internet stardom is one day away. I love writing posts, I put a huge amount of effort into my blog as a whole, and I love it now just as much as I would if I ever became ‘famous’ as a result of it.

What’s one assumption about blogging you’re sick of hearing? If you could change the way people think of the blogosphere, what would you change?