The Five Best Christmas Movies Ever, According To Me..

December 11, 2017

Christmas movies are the best thing in the entire world, and there is absolutely no question about it – I literally cannot think of anything better than snuggling up in bed on a cold evening, with a hot chocolate and a share size box of sweets that were meant as a present but will have to be replaced, and popping on a movie with the other half! I would not be lying if I said that I have been watching these movies for at least two months now, and have binge-watched most of them an abnormal amount, but they’re the easiest and best way to get into the festive spirit, and I just couldn’t not write about what I plan to be snuggling up to over the next few weeks..

Arthur Christmas..

I fell in love with this the first time I ever watched it – it’s so funny, full of festive spirit, and one that no many people have actually seen, which I simply don’t understand. Arthur makes me giggle throughout the movie, and I absolutely love Grandad! I just wish they put it on the telly a little more, but it is available over on Netflix! This is a perfect one for the entire family, with an easy to follow storyline, a lot of laughs, and a happy ending – I could watch it time and time again, and never get bored..

A Christmas Carol..

I went to the cinema to watch this when it first came out, I remember it scared my nephew half to death and I can definitely understand why, having rewatched it so many times since, it’s definitely not one for the little people in your family as it can be a little jumpy! I am determined to make my boyfriend watch it with me this year, as he really is a modern-day Ebenezer Scrooge! However, it is genuinely such a well-made movie, with a classic storyline, and animation that is beyond incredible – one that should not be missed out..

The Grinch..

The Grinch is just a classic, and is the epitome of every single child’s Christmas! I actually haven’t watched this in forever – I remember watching it so much as a child that I could almost recite the words, but I don’t understand how I wasn’t more scared of it when I was little, as it still scares me a little now! You can always rely on this being played time, and time, and time again in the run-up to the day itself. Christmas just really wouldn’t be the same without it..

Love Actually..

Now that I’m a little older, I love sitting down with my family and watching Love Actually! There are so many amazing actors in this, and it always has me fits of giggles, especially the dancing scene, which is definitely a personal highlight of the festive season – although I may be a little bias, as I love Hugh Grant! I may or may not have already watched this around eight times this year, which is shameful. As much as I hate Alan Rickman and Kiera Knightley’s characters in it, I love the happy ending that so many of the others get and who doesn’t love a happy ending at Christmas?!


I physically cannot say the words, “Best Christmas Movies Ever”, without Elf being the first to come to mind! I literally cannot understand how anyone could hate Elf, or Will Ferrell. This time of year brings out my inner ‘Buddy’, and I spend the entire month running around the shops and getting over-excited about absolutely everything, and playing festive songs on repeat, and singing, and generally letting my child at heart out! After all, “The best way to spread cheer, is singing loud for all the hear”!

Christmas Movies – Are they a love or a hate?! What are you going to be snuggled up watching for the next month?

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