The Illusive 24 Hour Foundation – Becca Ultimate Coverage Foundation Review..

September 18, 2018
Becca 24 Hour Full Coverage Foundation

We all know that I’m a full coverage queen. Would you ever want to wear a foundation for twenty-four hours straight? Probably not. Do I love the idea of my foundation looking flawless and incredible for such a long period of time? Obviously, without a doubt! After watching NikkieTutorials’ video of her wearing the Becca 24 Hour Ultimate Coverage Foundation for an entire day, I instantly knew I needed to test the foundation out myself. She, like me, opts for a matte finish to her foundation and while I’m sure her hella expensive primer helped her to look as flawless as she did after such a long period of time, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.. 

I picked up the Becca 24 Hour Ultimate Coverage Foundation from Cult Beauty using a 15% discount code, bringing the total down to £27.20, which for a high-end foundation, isn’t awful. I’m always a little dubious about the colour match when ordering foundations online, without having the chance to swatch it against my skin in person, but I opted for Shell. I personally found the shade range itself to be a little dire and difficult, with olivey, medium skin tones being catered to well, while pale and darker skin tones were given very few options which I find happens too often, not only with this brand but throughout the beauty industry. That’s an entirely different blog post though..

Fortunately, the shade I ordered was perfect. On first application, I was surprised at how thin the foundation itself feels in comparison to how great the coverage appeared. While I may not go as far as to call it ‘ultimate coverage’ without applying a ridiculous amount, I found that everything I wanted to hide was hidden and my skin still resembled skin, without looking cakey, which is the dream. I’m constantly being surprised by how well it works with whatever powdered or cream product I use on top – I normally find that with a new foundation, there will be a concealer that it doesn’t work with or a powder that will cling to it in a way that it isn’t supposed to do, but I’m yet to find that with this foundation..

I’ve always found that with my skin type, foundation struggles to remain on my nose, which is my oiliest area, for any period of time, and while the rest of my face may look intact, my nose will no longer have any foundation on it after just a couple hours of wear. With the Becca 24 Hour Ultimate Coverage Foundation, I find that while my nose may be relatively foundationless by the end of a twelve hour day, it does cope well and hangs in there much longer than any other foundation I’ve previously tried. Rudolph, as I like to call my always-more-red-than-the-rest-of-my-face nose, remains well concealed. Hallelujah..

In comparison to other high-end foundations that I’ve previously tried, such as the Kat Von D Lock It Foundation, this is much more comfortable and easy to both wear and apply. The days of working a matte foundation into your skin for what feels like centuries, are a thing of the past. I decided to put the foundation to the ultimate test, wearing it daily throughout the weekend of my 21st birthday. I wore it on multiple days out, on a night out with friends, out for food with family – and it stood the test. At the end of each day, while my skin was admittedly oily after a full day’s wear, the coverage was still there and I looked much less like a gross, sweaty mess and much more like a glowy-skinned god – the look we obviously all aim to achieve on the daily.

While the price tag may mean that it remains on my vanity for weekends and special occasions only, let it be known that I would happily wear this foundation every day, for twenty-four hours as it claims if I could. Here’s to finding a drugstore dupe with a slightly more friendly price tag so that I can be the gorgeous, glowy god I dream of being every day of my life..

Have you tried the Becca 24 Hour Ultimate Coverage Foundation? What’s your favourite drugstore matte foundation?