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A 21st Birthday Wishlist..

“This year is absolutely flying”, a comment I’ve read over and over again since the beginning of February. Are you sick of hearing it yet?! I feel like I was only writing my festive wish list a couple of weeks ago, and yet, here I am preparing for my 21st birthday, featuring yet another awfully put together graphic. I’ve been flooded with questions asking what I would like and while I’m notorious for never knowing, I actually have a full list of things that I really, really want this year – which is welcomed with open arms by my family who normally have no idea what to buy. My mum’s still a little shook that her ‘baby’ is going to be a fully-fledged adult, and if I’m honest, I am as well..

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One Year Blogging And A Life Update – Featuring MyPersonalisedCase..

As a pre-warning, this is going to be a super long and probably more rambly post than I would’ve liked, but I very much feel like it’s needed. I would suggest grabbing yourself a cuppa, or a glass of wine – or in my case, a fizzy drink – and settling down for a little life update..

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Dating App Do’s & Absolutely Do Not’s…

I say this as though I’m proud of it, but I’ve used almost every dating app you can possibly imagine – Tinder, Plenty of Fish, Bumble, Hinge. You name it, and I’ve tried it out, almost always out of curiosity more than hoping to find ‘the one’. Tinder can be a pretty murky and confusing place to navigate, at best but it’s where I find myself the most as you’ll know if you’ve read my previous dating posts. I’ve learnt a lot on my dating app travels, and I wanted to impart my wisdom – things that, in my opinion, you should do, and things you absolutely, definitely should not do – when trying to attract the opposite sex..

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Netflix Series’ That I’m Living For At The Moment..

Unemployed me should have probably been doing something a little more productive with their time than sitting around, eating snacks, and constantly watching Netflix. There were days when I struggled to motivate myself enough to get out of bed, which I’m sure most of you will know is super difficult. And that’s exactly why employed-and-productive me is going to write a blog post about all the banging new programmes I discovered along the way..

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We Need To Talk About Revolution Pro – A Recent Beauty Haul..

I, like every other beauty blogger in the entire world, was super excited when Revolution Pro was first released. Although not my absolute favourite brand, Revolution has always been a brand I’ve loved and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on at least some of their new releases. I’m a drugstore gal through and through, I love a good beauty bargain, and this entire range is exactly that, with the majority coming in under £10, with quality that tends to be just as good, if not better, than most high-end products I’ve tried..

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