April’s Watched, Read & Loved – Surviving Life In Lockdown..

May 2, 2020
Watched, read and loved in April. A kindle with the cover title of Blood Orange by Harriet Tyce sits on the corner of a bed.

April only lasted about three days, right? I feel like time is actually flying by during lockdown – weeks pass by in a flash, and I hardly ever know what day of the week it is, let alone the actual date. Apparently another month is over though, which means it’s time for a monthly round up of things that I watched, read, and loved this month..

Blood Orange by Harriet Tyce..

Okay, let’s start off with a book that I thoroughly enjoyed. I read this as part of Beth’s Book Club for April, and I genuinely cannot wait to discuss it this weekend – both to see what everyone else thought, as well as the fact I’m yearning for social interaction with someone that isn’t my boyfriend! The story line was well thought out, the ending was entirely unexpected – I honestly had to go back and reread a chapter just to ensure that I had taken it all in properly – and whenever I put it down, I wanted to instantly pick it back up and carry on reading, which is always a good sign. The only ‘meh’ part about the entire book for me was the main character, Alison. As a successful barrister at what was described as the height of her career, she just felt a bit crap to be honest. I wanted her to be strong and incredible, but for the most part, she just wasn’t and as much as I empathised with her situation, I wanted to give her a good shake! I would definitely recommend this to everyone though, without a doubt..

The Dangerous Kind by Deborah O’Connor..

To be quite honest, I really struggled with this book at the beginning. The whole thing felt, a little too descriptive if that’s even possible? The only thing that kept me reading in those first few chapters was the fact that some of it was set locally to where I live in Oxford. The overly-descriptive element of it quickly fell away though – in a good way – and I actually didn’t put the book down from just after the half way point until the end, reading nearly three-hundred pages in one sitting, which is a tough job with a seven month old . Whilst it didn’t start out as a story I thought I would like, let alone enjoy, I was hooked soon enough and didn’t predict any of the twists at the end. Stick with it, and I guarantee you’ll end up enjoying it.

Clear My Name by Paula Daly..

I impulse bought this for 99p on my Kindle, and I think it might possibly be one of the best 99p’s I’ve ever spent (at least, until next month when I buy another incredible book and say the same thing!) Although this had another main character that was a bit crap, for similar reasons as well – supposedly really strong and independent but dealing with things in a pretty ‘flappy’ way – the story centred around a charity called Innocence UK who work to overturn alleged miscarriages of justice, which I find really interesting, even in real life, and it made the entire story all that more gripping. The final twist made the entire story for me, completely unexpected and not something I’ve ever encountered in a story before either. A definite steal for less than a quid!


Which leads me on nicely, to one of the most interesting series’ I think I’ve ever watched – The Innocence Files, a nine-part true crime series on Netflix. I watched this series with my mouth hanging open, stunned by some off the things that were mentioned. Everything from the way that so-called ‘bite mark specialists’ are unable to agree on whether or not a bite is human, to the way that witnesses can misidentify an attacker of a different race because people are predisposed to not recognise other races in as much detail as their own. My heart broke for every one of the men we met along the way, and for what, collectively, were hundreds of years wrongfully spent behind bars. I think eye opening is the only way to describe it, honestly..

April also saw the return of one of my absolute favourite series’ that has ever been made – Killing Eve! Currently streaming on iPlayer, with a new episode available every Monday, I am entirely obsessed all over again and already considering watching it from the beginning as soon as the whole of Series 3 is available (so that I can binge it all in one go, obviously). Jodie Comer is, to put it simply, mind blowing, Sandra Oh is incredible, and I genuinely want to be Fiona Shaw when I grow up, in fact, I’ll be very happy if I’m ever half as sassy as Carolyn. The styling, the scenery, the acting – my only fault is that the episodes aren’t long enough, I am always left wanting more!

A little less serious, and a lot more funny – Five Guys A Week. I have a feeling if you’re a fan of Naked Attraction (if you’ve never seen that, you definitely need to watch at least one episode in your life time – I’d personally recommend Series 5 Episode 2 if you want to laugh until you cry!) you’ll love this, because we really did! Essentially, a girl has five guys move into her home and she has to get rid of one each day before deciding who she wants to date at the end. Obviously, the boys end up knocking heads – that’s a saying, right? – but they also have the opportunity to meet the girl’s friends and family, who rightfully do a great job at interrogating them and making sure their intentions are ‘pure’. An easy watch filled with giggles..


April was still very much fuelled by Animal Crossing. I’m completely obsessed with making my island look pretty, especially now that I’ve unlocked terraforming, so essentially I’m doing things and undoing them half an hour later because I can’t decide if I actually really like it. Twitter’s made me build and knock down many a cliff, I just can’t get it perfect – she says, trying not to sound too much like a petulant little kid! I’ve also got an upcoming post including all the tips and tricks I’ve learnt so far that I’m excited to finish up – all of which will probably sound like I’m talking another language if you’ve never played, but hopefully it’ll make sense and help someone!

A strange, final one for my April list but something that I’ve really been loving again is Instagram. It’s crazy how people you’ve never met can be so supportive, especially when social contact is so limited at the moment. I feel like I always have someone to vent to, someone to inspire me, someone just for a chat – I have such a lovely little community over there, and though some people have such negative views of social media, I can’t live without it, it keeps me sane whilst solo-parenting and is a definite lifeline at the moment.

Did anything exciting happen for you during April? How have you been keeping busy during lockdown?