9 Things You Need To Do On Animal Crossing Everyday..

May 6, 2020
A Nintendo Switch and the Animal Crossing New Horizons game case held in front of a white wall

My personal saviour during lockdown, without a doubt, has been Animal Crossing. And I know for sure that I’m not alone, as all of social media seems to be filled with people discussing who their favourite residents are, what their turnips are selling for and finally celebrating the end of dreaded Bunny Day! I think at this point, you may even be able to call it an addiction – I almost cried when I missed a day and lost my streak at the Nook Stop. In this time though, I’ve learnt a few tips and tricks of things that you should be doing on Animal Crossing everyday, in order to make the most out of the game..

1. Shake your fruitless trees for furniture..

I can’t stress the importance of this enough, and it’s something that I didn’t know about for quite a while – shake your trees! There are two pieces of furniture to shake from your fruitless trees everyday, and you can honestly find anything and everything, from diner tables, to paddling pools, to unfinished puzzles.

Sure, it’s time consuming but it’s so worth it. Always shake your trees from the front though, whilst holding your net – just in case you shake loose a wasps nest, you’ll be able to catch them (and they sell for a pretty high price as well, so it’s a win win!) There’s also always one piece of furniture in a fruitless tree on every island you visit with a NMT as well, so take full advantage.

2. Find your ‘Message In A Bottle’..

Each day, somewhere along your shore will be a ‘message in a bottle’ and that message will be a DIY. While there’s no guarantee that it won’t be a DIY that you already have, it’s still worth looking for – if not for yourself, to pass on to a friend.

3. Dig up your four fossils..

This is a pretty obvious one, but there are four fossils to be dug up on Animal Crossing everyday. Again, there’s not guarantee that they won’t be ones your already have but they sell for high values at Nook’s Cranny and there are always people willing to trade on Twitter.

4. Find your buried ‘Bag of Bells’..

You see that sparkly thing in the ground? That’s a bag of bells, and one appears on your island everyday. If you dig it up, you have two options – pocket the money, or rebury it in the hole and it’ll begin to grow a money tree, meaning you’ll triple your money every few days!

5. Check your Nook’s Cranny and Able Sister’s Store..

There are new items in Nook’s Cranny everyday, as well as new wallpaper and flooring options as well. And whilst some of the Able Sister’s Store changes every few days, many of the items change daily so it’s worth checking out what they have in store to see if there’s anything that takes your fancy..

6. Collect your Nook Miles..

Trust me when I say, even if you’ve been playing Animal Crossing everyday like me, it’s easy to forget to pop by the Nook Stop! It’s important to remember though, because keeping up your streak will mean more Nook Miles awarded. Nook Miles become more handy as you continue to play the game, allowing your to unlock terraforming, different styles of paths – as well as lots of other things!

7. Complete your five boosted Nook Mile challenges..

Your first five Nook Mile challenges each day are boosted, anywhere from two times to fives times the amount, which makes for an easy way to earn lots of Nook Miles each day. The challenges are fairly easy as well – catching three fish, speaking to a number of residents, popping a balloon – which means that your miles add up quickly.

8. Hit your rocks for materials..

There are six rocks dotted around your island – provided you haven’t entirely smashed any! – and you can hit each one up to nine times a day for materials. Materials differ from clay, rock, iron and gold nuggets, all of which come in handy when crafting and are worth storing if you have too many in your pockets for bigger DIYs. Gold also sells for quite a good price at Nook’s Cranny if you’re in need of bells..

9. And find your money rock!

And speaking of being in need of bells, one of your six rocks each day becomes a money rock! Again, you can hit it up to nine times a day but rather than materials, it throws out money – and you can get anything up to 20,000 bells from that one rock, so it’s definitely worth finding.

There has definitely been something cathartic about running around an island, catching butterflies, and trying not to get too angry when laying and digging up and relaying paths – and while it may sound a little strange and silly, I’m actually really thankful for those few moments of escapism it allows me everyday. Now go forth, and make the most out of Animal Crossing!

Are there any tips or tricks that I’ve missed? Who’s your current favourite resident? Mine is definitely Tia..