To go back to basics, I’m Andi, I’m 22 and I’m a blogger, living in Oxford. I own a number of tattoos and piercings, a fairly hefty amount of makeup and skincare products, and a dream of one day having a French Bulldog (who will, without a doubt, be called Loki).

And Then Zen was created in 2017 – having been an avid blog reader for many months and previously written about music in my early teens, I decided it was time to start creating again myself. A place to scribble down my thoughts on current topics, beauty, mental health, dating and a whole lot more, I quickly fell back in love with writing. Alongside falling back in love with writing, I also fell pregnant with a gorgeous little girl in December 2018. After making us wait a little longer than we wanted, Asher-Grayce was born on the 17th of September 2019. As a result, I’ve grown up, and so has my blog..

I find myself far too funny, I’m rarely spotted not wearing black, and I can binge-watch a series in a shamefully fast time – you can keep up with me daily over on Twitter and Instagram!