All I Want For Christmas – My Christmas Wishlist..

christmas wishlist

I wanted to start this off with a debate that I’ve recently seen across social media – when are you too old for a ‘Christmas Wishlist’? I personally have never considered it – I have always believed that wishlists are useful tools regardless of your age, and maybe even more useful as you get older! However, I saw a debate recently that said twenty-year-olds were ‘too old’ to create a ‘Christmas Wishlist’. I genuinely believe that my family would struggle if I didn’t give them a little ‘shove’ in the right direction, so regardless of my age, I plan to always create at least a little wishlist, and I love reading what everyone else wants as well..

I’m kicking off this year’s wishlist with a little practical addition to my bedroom, a pair of Maya Table Touch Lamps from Habitat in Argos! Presents get so much more boring as you get older, don’t they?! I sadly didn’t receive any lamps for my birthday, so my room is still in desperate need of light, but I definitely prefer these to the ones that I asked for earlier on in the year – I love the versatility of the colours, and not only do they fit in well with my current bedroom, but I hope that these will also be in keeping with my house when I eventually get round to moving out..

The second item on my wishlist this year, is the Spectrum 10 Piece Essential Brush Set! I feel like I’m cheating a little by putting these on my wishlist – I actually already know that my boyfriend has bought me them after I found an offer on Black Friday and very quickly sent him the link, but for £20 there was absolutely no way that I was going to miss out as I’ve wanted them for just about forever and they’re so beautiful! I’m super pleased that we managed to get them for that price, as not only did they go back up to full price in Boots a few days after, but they sold out on the same day at Beauty Bay..

Next up on my list is the Makeup Revolution Life On The Dancefloor Guest Palette – I have been dreaming about this palette ever since it first came out, and I cannot wait to finally get my hands on it! I have been debating between the Guest and VIP palette ever since I first spotted them in store, both because of the stunning shades inside as well as the gorgeous, glittery packaging which I just couldn’t resist, but I hope that I’ve finally made up my mind and may even treat myself to the second when I eventually have some money to myself..

I have made the huge decision to finally take out my stretchers, and become a grown up – I’ve had them in for about four years now, and they’re only tiny so they’ll go back down to normal size pretty quickly, but I definitely need some earrings as my ears feel naked without anything! I have my heart set on these gorgeous Infinite Love Stud Earrings from Pandora – I have always loved their jewellery, and I already own lots of their rings and an almost-full charm bracelet. I am a sucker for anything with a sparkle, and these really catch the light!

A fresh pair of pyjamas and new robe completes any ‘Christmas Wishlist’! I have been dreaming of owning a satin robe for just about forever, and I love the Lucy Tie Waist Kimono Robe from Boohoo – I just think they’re so pretty and sophisticated, and perfect for mooching around in while you’re getting ready! I also have my eye on some fresh pyjamas, and while I’ve struggled to find a pair of festive-themed pyjamas that I love which I obviously really wanted, I do love the Holly ‘You Snooze You Lose’ set..

I can’t wait to give everyone their presents this year, I’m super excited about them all already! I personally hate asking for anything ‘too’ expensive, or asking for ‘too’ much either, because I never want to be a burden on my loved-ones, but, hopefully, there are a few ideas here for my family and boyfriend..

Are you a fan of a ‘Christmas Wishlist’? If so, what’s on your list this year?

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  • Alice Swain

    What!? That’s ridiculous saying that you shouldn’t have a wishlist! It gets harder and harder to buy for people as they get older so why would you NOT ask them what they want?! My mum seriously struggles to buy me stuff now as I am so all over the place with my style and taste. I can’t wait to see some pics of the spectrum brush set, I look forward to the “what i got for Christmas” post 🙂 and that revolution palette looks gorgeous too, I love those sort of shades as they’re definitely wearable every day but you can also make them smokey for evenings out too! Also new PJs and cosy clothes are a MUST.
    Alice Xx

  • Glass of Class

    I love the fact that your first item is a lamp, because it would definitely be mine as well. I got a little one from Tesco but there is something wrong with the wires and it randomly turns on and off. Spectrum brush set would be an amazing gift as well! Hope Santa brings you something from your list <3

    Julia xx

  • Alice

    I absolutely love Spectrum brushes, I’ve got the eye brushes set in that colour and they’re absolutely amazing. I need mooooore haha. I love that kimono! Might have to have a look at getting one myself x


  • You are NEVER too old for a wishlist! If I didn’t give my husband a few pointers (he always asks anyway) then I’d end up with a lot of stuff that I’d have to take back. I know that’s ungrateful and against the spirit of Christmas, blah blah, but we’d both rather I get something I love and will enjoy so it works for us. Your wishlist looks great (I love the lamps!), I hope you get most if not all of them! X

    Lisa |

  • I do love a good wishlist post! I have never tried Spectrum brushes before but the Spectrum 10 Piece Essential Brush Set looks so pretty, I might have to pick it up at some point!

  • Couldn’t agree more about never being to old for a wishlist, they’re so helpful when directing friends and family toward ideal gifts – it’s always better to ask than to end up with items you don’t actually want, in my opinion! That kimono robe is gorgeous and so glamorous, I can totally imagine you putting your makeup on whilst chilling in it! Your boyfriend will definitely be in the good books with that Spectrum brush set gift hehe!

    Abbey ❄️

  • You are never too old for a Christmas Wishlist, I have a few things on mine, but I have two young children who come first but if I got atleast one or two off my wishlist I’d be happy! I hope you have a Merry Christmas and get everything you wished for!

  • Food & Baker

    Who said you’re too old to crest Christmas wish lists?? Hope you get everything you’re hoping for!

    Jessica & James | /

  • Jude Rivers

    Brushes are on my wishlist too! So pretty! xx

  • emily isobelle jane

    I would love some tough lamps for my room too! I really need to check out the makeup revolution palette you mentioned too as I love their palettes! I hope you get some of these pieces lovely!

    Emily xx

  • Leslie

    I want those brushes for Christmas too! Although i may have to gift that to myself

  • Great wishlist! Love that robe, it’s so pretty, also I have my eye on a Spectrum brush set too, they seem so wonderful x

  • I don’t think you’re ever too old to make a Christmas wishlist! I think they’re so helpful and I usually end up including too many things in mine and then share it with my friends and family so that they have a lot of option from different price ranges if they can’t come up with anything on their own.
    The Spectrum Brushes are amazing – I know two sets and they’re my most used brushes! I love how warm toned the Makeup Revolution palette is :)x

    Anu | Based On blog | Bloglovin

  • The infinite love stud earrings are super cute! I love this list hopefully you get what you want xx