Christmas At Blenheim – How We Got Into The Festive Spirit..

christmas at blenheim by night

Absolutely anyone that knows me, will know that I am basically in the festive spirit all year round. Christmas makes me all warm inside – the happiness that it brings, all the smiley faces, and we cannot forget the ridiculous amount of food the comes alongside it. My boyfriend, however, is The Grinch! When I got invited to Christmas at Blenheim, I instantly thought of inviting him as my guest, before remembering that he hates absolutely anything that involves being festive – I obviously dragged him along regardless, in the hope of making a festive lover of him yet..

We arrived for the opening evening just after sunset, donning our coats and scarves, all ready to venture round! We were fortunate enough to be invited to the opening drinks that night, and we arrived just before they were due to begin, quickly making our way through the entrance, past the fairground rides and food stalls, and into The Grand Hall. Munching our way through the nibbles of pigs in blankets and mince pies, and drinking hot chocolate and mulled cider, we heard of the extent of planning that goes into the event – six months of preparations, and apparent sleepless nights, for an event that last year, saw one hundred thousand people attend! Having heard such amazing things about the trail, our hopes were set very high, to say the least..

We made our way back out of The Grand Hall, and headed down towards the entrance of the trail. I was worried that the trail would be crowded, having seen the numbers arriving at the beginning of the night and having watched the people leave the opening drinks almost all at once, but I was pleasantly surprised. We made our way through the trail at our own pace, often stopping for pictures and just a general ‘better look’ – James really enjoyed the ‘Bridge of Fire’ as we called it, while I spent a little too long watching an animation projected on one of the garden walls, and an interactive element that involved walking through hanging lights, called ‘Squid Soup’!

Throughout the trail, marshalls were placed regularly to ensure that we were following the correct route, and to answer any questions or queries that we may have had. Christmas at Blenheim is “presented in the natural landscape” as the website states, but I did spot various re-routes across harsh terrain or hills that were suitable for buggies and wheelchair users, as well as lifts and ramps down stairs, making it accessible for most, which I loved! We were fortunate enough to visit when there hadn’t been much rainfall, so the trail was predominantly dry and manageable in trainers, but I can imagine the need for boots or wellies if the weather was to take a turn for the worst..

I would, one hundred percent, recommend taking cash with you, because as amazing as the mulled wine and various food stalls smelled, they all only accepted cash, which we were silly enough to not bring! There is also an opportunity to roast marshmallows halfway around the trail, as well as other food and drinks vans dotted throughout, which we, unfortunately, missed too as a result..

We both had an absolutely fabulous evening, and would highly recommend a visit – The Grinch even had a smile on his face by the end of the night, so I would definitely call it successful! We were very kindly invited along by Melodie from the team at Christmas at Blenheim, but tickets are available for around £16.50 for an adult and even less for a family, which we think is really well priced. We spent around an hour and a half walking around the trail, without stops for food and drink, which would have definitely made the evening a little longer – I’m genuinely so sad that we didn’t get to roast any marshmallows or try any of the gorgeous smelling food! The event itself is on until the 1st of January, and is one that should definitely not be missed..

What events are you headed to across the festive period? Will you be making a trip to Christmas at Blenheim?

  • Gemma

    I love the sound of this! It’s definitely something special and exciting. I’m not sure what festive things I’m going to get up to this year as I’m in a new area. Need to have a search to see what I can do! Great little post, loved it.

    Gemma |

  • Alice

    This sounds like just the ticket to get right into the festive spirit! I just know I’d love it, especially the pigs in blankets as nibbles mmmm x


  • This sound lovely and festive! The food and mulled wine sold me. I haven’t got any events planned but I would love to go somewhere Christmassy where I can make my own wreath 🎄 xx

  • This sounds so festive! I’m going to Bruges next sunday for a christmas market, I’m so excited x

  • Sara

    This sounds so amazing and festive! I am planning on going to a Christmas market soon and I can’t wait

  • emily isobelle jane

    This sounds like such a lovely evening! Gotta love snacking on mince pies and mulled wine! I went to wakehurst last year and did their light trail on my birthday! It was so magical and fun!


  • Squid soup 🤣🤣🤣 Blenheim sounds wonderful, lucky you! I’ve been to our Bath Christmas Market a couple of times now and that is fab, so many stalls, so much food, and so lovely at night with all the lights on, I love this time of year! X

    Lisa |

  • Alice Swain

    I’ve never actually heard of this but it sounds so lovely! I really did giggle at you referring to your boyfriend as the Grinch, that’s brilliant haha! I would’ve definitely super indulged in pigs in blankets but I still haven’t gotten into mince pies yet, maybe one day… Such a shame you didn’t get to toast any marshmallows, maybe you can revisit and do it then!? I am jealous I want to go here!
    Alice Xx

  • Sophie Wentworth

    This looks amazing! I have to admit I’m a bit of a Grinch too but stuff like this gives me all the festive feels. Shame you didn’t bring any cash!


  • Jude Rivers

    I’ve been waiting for this post since you mentioned you had been, sounds absolutely lovely. I don’t live too far from Blenheim but I don’t think I’ll have time to go this year sadly. Sounds so fab though! xx

  • I love Christmas and this sounds like so much fun. Enjoy the holidays!

    Jennifer | Mrs Q Beauty

  • Aw, I can’t believe your boyfriend doesn’t like Christmas!! This sounds like a wonderful event, sadly I wasn’t able to attend myself because I wasn’t in Oxford on that night, and I’m gutted to have missed it! I will be sorely tempted to head back myself just for the food, and the mulled cider too – yummmm! Glad you enjoyed yourself so much!

    Abbey 😘

  • Leslie

    Aww this sounds so cute and like fun! Sounds like you really enjoyed your time!

  • This sounds like an amazing experience and so festive! I can’t wait to attend all the Christmas Markets :)x

    Anu | Based On blog | Bloglovin

  • Eli

    This is great a trail at night to enjoy xmas spirit. I love it and imagine myself walking and having marshmellows…great to be able to enjoy this experience thru you and your blog.😘

  • Ellie’s Bits of Beauty

    This sounds so fab! Such a shame that you didn’t get to try any of the food though but at least you still had what sounds like a great night! I’m glad the Grinch enjoyed himself too haha.

    Ellie x

  • Glass of Class

    It sounds amazing! I don’t think I’ve ever participated in an event like that and I am a Christmas junkie and love everything festive. Too bad you didn’t get to try the food and drinks! I always do the same thing, I either bring not enough money or forget to bring any cash at all.

    Julia xx