How I Improved My Domain Authority To 17 In A Month..

I want to start by saying that I am not, nor do I profess to be, a professional. Moz updated their ‘system’ on the 20th of November, and I was so surprised that I refreshed the page at least three times, checked it on two other websites before I finally accepted the truth, completely shocked! As a point of reference, my self-hosted blog had been live a month and a half before the update and a month prior, had unsurprisingly not moved at all – I had been working super hard to improve my domain authority, and I had hoped to see a small improvement, but I was speechless that it had shot up to 17..

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Having A Bad Day – Why It Doesn’t Have To Mean Defeat..

and then zen bad day

I am calling today a write-off, refusing to properly start the day at all, cancelling it. I’m laid in bed, have been all day, and I don’t plan on that changing! I’ve barely eaten, barely moved, barely interacted. The light of day has not broken, darkness has remained, my curtains have stayed fully closed. Today has been difficult, a bad day, and I’m not afraid to admit that I’m fighting a battle that doesn’t seem to have an end, but I will not be defeated..

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The Ultimate 24-Hour Foundation?! Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation First Thoughts..

lock-it foundation

I officially own my first ever, high-end foundation – hallelujah! I debated for about a million years (or about five weeks, in reality), toying between Mac, Urban Decay, and Too Faced! I was just so undecided, but I eventually opted for the Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation, and couldn’t not do a first impressions post after tweeting endlessly about it..

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Five Apps That You Need To Know About..

instagram apps

Whenever I find an app that actually works, I want to shout it from the rooftops and tell the entire world! In the blogging community, we’re constantly looking for apps that make our lives easier, whether that be saving us time or performing tasks that we absolutely hate, like editing photos or tracking unfollowers, and I reckon I’ve hit jackpot..

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October Favourites – The Beauty Products I Have Been Loving..

Lush Sleepy October favourites

October, where have you gone?! This month has really flown by, and so, so much has happened – I officially became unemployed, I managed to survive an entire month self-hosted on my blog, and I actually started my shopping for the festive season! As this month has very quickly drawn to a close, I decided to do a little run down of products that I have loved this month..

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