How To Survive A Holiday Together..

our first holiday together

The first beach holiday with your partner – spending all day, every day with someone who means so much to you, in a hot and sticky country – is a pretty daunting thought and, apparently, this is made ten times worse when going on holiday to a country with an appalling sewage system that doesn’t allow you to flush toilet paper down the toilet.. And yes, I’m looking at you James!

We recently spent an absolutely fabulous week away – it was a gorgeous, sunny week filled with trips, amazing food and drink, and some well deserved rest for the both of us – whilst also celebrating my twentieth birthday out there, which was lovely, having celebrated my sixteenth birthday in the same resort! It was lovely to revisit, and see so many familiar faces, one of the many things I love about Greece..

 I’m not going to pretend that it was all sunshine and happiness the entire time – we did bicker about pointless things, such as not having the wifi password, like the bloody millennials that we are – but having travelled before with a previous partner, the nerves kicked in before we even left! I’m fully aware that my previous experiences shouldn’t have even crossed my mind, but they did and he knew that, as he attempted to calm my ever-anxious mind! To my future self, stop panicking and remember what’s written below..

It’s a bit of give and take, from both sides..

There’s two of you in this relationship, and two of you on this holiday – remember that! I rarely ever drink, even on holiday, to the surprise of many of my friends! James enjoys a few beers in the evening, so we compromised, and had ice cream some evenings (my choice) and went for drinks on others, which made for a nice mix in the end! Try new stuff, be adaptable and listen to each other’s thoughts..

There will be times when you’re both tired..

Travelling is tiring, and no one is going to deny that – there’s something about sitting around all day, waiting, that really takes it out of you! Tied in with the sheer excitement of going away, travelling really can drain you, which can make you mardy and snappy towards each other.. It’s important to remember this – a grumble or a groan in the airport after seven hours without food, may not be your actual partner talking!

The hardest thing will be coming home..

We eventually had to say goodbye to the sun, the sea, and the hot weather (as we apparently came home to winter)! And for us, the hardest part of all was saying goodbye to each other after more than a week together – we don’t live with each other, and as a result, obviously had to part ways after we got back to the UK! We both had the post-holiday blues, which was made even worse by us having to head back to work and not see each other as regularly again – a struggle for the both of us!

I can more than happily say I had a fabulous time away – we ate too much, drank too much and made some amazing memories together!

Have you been abroad with your partner? Did you have any concerns before going away, and how did you soothe them?

  • Balance is definitely important so that you both can enjoy your holiday! As for the tiredness, NAPS. Couples that nap together stay together, haha.


  • Hayley Beth

    I have never been away with any of my previous partners! I’m not sure I would have wanted to either!!!

  • OMG this post is coming in with the perfect timing! I am going on a holiday this weekend for a week with my boyfriend. off to spain! first ever holiday just the two of us ahah xx corinne

  • Food & Baker

    My partner and I did 5 weeks travelling together and we’re proud to say we’ve survived it. Balance and communication is vital! Great post!

    Jessica & James | /

  • B Shannon

    This was such an interesting and different post to read! I hope you both had a lovely time. Me and my boyfriend went on holiday in July and even tho we loved it we did bicker, we are the ephiany of an old married couple, I think it’s just a normal thing because we’ve been together five years, so it’s expected really hahaha! Xx
    Becky Shannon xx – Life-by-Becky

  • Brittney Ross

    I have been with my boyfriend for 5 years but we have never been abroad! We have however traveled together and I think your posts has some great tips! Thank you so much for sharing! And you’re right, the hardest part is always coming home! xo

  • Alice Swain

    I recently got back from holiday with my partner and miss it so much that this actually made me tear up (not in a bad way), I MISS BEING AWAY!!! Haha, coming home and parting ways is definitely the worst, I feel your pain so much! Sounds like you had a lovely time despite the bickering though hehe, I’m already looking to book another one! Where do you think you’ll go next?
    Alice Xx

  • Gemma

    I love this post! I feel you when you say you miss him, you just get used to being together 24/7 then it’s just gone! Me & the partner traveled to Italy and it was the most amazing time! We did have to compromise on some things, as he didn’t fancy doing them. I would love to go on holiday again with him soon.

    Gemma |

  • Great posts and great points! I’ve been one a fair few holidays and trips with my boyfriend but he lives at my parents house with me so I’m used to seeing him every day anyway but being away you do have to compromise massively sometimes! xx

  • emily isobelle jane

    You made some really great points here, I think realising you’re going to have to compromise is a must, also loved the picture lovely!


  • Glass of Class

    My first holiday with my boyfriend was also in Greece! Luckily for us the hotel allowed flushing toilet paper in the toilet. It’s so much different going away with your boyfriend! It doesn’t help that I like to lay in the sun or in the pool/sea most of my holiday doing nothing and my boyfriend is all about sightseeing. We had to accommodate for both of us which meant that some days I was less happy, on others he was bored haha but it was amazing holiday and I want to go away with him again!

    Julia xx

  • I’ve never been abroad with my partner but these are good points to remember if/when the time comes! :)x

    Anu | Based On blog | Bloglovin

  • Leslie

    This sounds so fun! We’ve been planning to take a trip soon and honestly your post is going to be super helpful for when that time comes

  • I couldn’t agree more about having a little give and take! My boyfriend and I decided to go away for a short break this year and we compromised on the destination, he really doesn’t enjoy hot beach holidays so we instead opted for the Lake District and we had a whale of a time! Thankfully the weather was really kind to us and we had an adorable little shepherd’s hut to stay in! I definitely agree that the hardest thing is coming home!

    Abbey 😘

  • Jasmine Nicole

    Omg people never talk about this part of it! Yes your excited to go on a trip but it can be tiring… causing you to become irritated & bicker. 😩

  • Asile Coleclough

    Every word is true, and believe me it also happens when you get married. But the important thing is what you did…talk, reach common ground, alternate for one day you, one day him. It says a lot about a guy who understands that, yours is a good one. Maybe, you guys may want to start living together as next step…who knows??? The cool thing is you understand each other and keep rollin’ thru good and not so good times 😀

  • Gohar

    I really like your post. You talked about things which usually often people don’t talk about. Keep the good work up 🙂

    Lots of love, Gohar

  • Chessie ✨

    Great post and great tips!x

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