£10,000 in 10 Months…

how to be a saver

I must say, before I start, that I’ve always been a saver… I rarely ever ‘splurge’ large amounts of money, and if I do, it will always be on something I’ve lusted after for an extremely long period of time, it’s rarely ever an impulse buy! I love having a goal to work towards, something that motivates and drives me…

A goal is something I consider to be a must; whether you want to save a couple of quid a day, however much a week, or a set amount a month, set yourself a goal. It can honestly be whatever – whether that be a holiday, a car, or a house – set it, and strive for it! The app ‘Money Box‘ helped me visualise this, telling me exactly how much each month I needed to put away in order to reach my target…

I set the goal of at least part of a house deposit, and to ensure I didn’t lose motivation, I created boards of inspiration on Pinterest! I also started buying ‘things’ for my house, and putting them in a box under my bed – cups and plates, cutlery, pictures and art – all in preparation for when I eventually move out! Guilt free shopping, as all the items have a purpose, which I loved!

I cannot say these words quick enough – transfer those funds, out of your normal bank account!

The secret is to trick yourself into thinking that that money doesn’t exist! On pay-day, I would transfer the money I wanted to save, out of my account on pay day, leaving myself just enough money to live; any extra that remained at the end of the month, I would transfer into my savings, or on occasion, treat myself – you may be saving money, but you still need to live a little and enjoy yourself!

I transferred the money out, deleted the banking app, and became blissfully ignorant to the money’s existence…

A small number of changes can also make a big difference in the long term – taking a lunch to work, rather than buying food every shift, looking for vouchers and going to restaurants that offer student discount, and having weekends in with friends, rather than going out all allow you to still live while saving money! I promise you, it all adds up…

It’ll be hard work, and you have to work for it! I would work sixty hour weeks during half term, and would say ‘yes’ to absolutely all the overtime that was offered; it won’t be easy – but it’s the things we work hardest for that will reward us the most!

Are you a saver or a spender? Do you have any tips on saving money?

  • chxrlotterose

    I want to be a saver so much! I wish there was a tablet you could take to make you not spend all your money 😂🙈 xx

    • I’ve been pretty reckless recently, but it’s all about self control and knowing your own limits! 🙊 Xx

  • I totally agree with creating a goal of how much you wanna save because you then have something to work too. I’m defo gonna download the app and hopefully, it can help me to become a saver.. shopping for things for your house must have spurred you on to save even more.. defo transferring money out into a different account is key so your not tempted to spend that money too


    • The app is so useful, quite basic but really easy to use, and visual which I think helps so much! ☺️ x

  • This is such a great post and i wish i could save up like that too! I always find myself splurging on stuff i don’t need then i feel bad!

    • I honestly think that once you get into the habit of saving, it’s difficult to get out of it!

  • Ahh wow well done on reaching your goal! I used to have a part-time job (I’m currently unemployed) and I would always save 10% each month and put it into savings – that got spent whilst I was at uni though haha! Need to start saving again now 🙂

    • That’s really good! If you’ve previously been in the habit of saving, I’m sure you’ll get back into it really quickly! ☺️

  • Velvet Blush

    You’re such a hard worker! I’m the same, I don’t like spending too much if there isn’t a need, or if you could save the money instead. I think your tips are really good, and well done on your goal! xx

    Velvet Blush

  • Ah I love the sound of that app! Definitely going to check that out!

    • I love how visual it is – really helpful!

  • I did pretty much the same when we were saving. We spent the money on a 2 month tripe around Europe, our wedding and moving to Canada though 🙈


    • Such a good way to spend the money! I was so tempted to originally go travelling with the money, but I think a house is definitely slightly more practical! x

  • Fab post; although I must admit to not being very good with money..

    • I honestly think it’s a learned behaviour, and it definitely takes time!

  • I’ve always been a saver too and do the same thing about transferring money. In fact I often aim to iversave just in case which has worked out well for me this time. I left my job in march fed up of it and ready to go to china to teach English. However the visa process has taken forever!! (I’ve finally got my appointment at the embassy next week) luckily because I iver saved for flights etc I’ve used that extra money to live off. Not ideal but it’s worked. I’ve just had to be feudal which as a backpacker anyway is a very normal thing for me

    • I always try to over save too, and that way, I don’t feel as bad if I need to touch it for whatever reason! China sounds amazing though, enjoy!

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